New York Times - Jul 4 2022

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Clues Answers
'Bye Bye Bye' boy band NSYNC
'I think ...,' to texters IMHO
'Now ___ seen everything!' IVE
'That doesn't do much for me' MEH
'There's another good reason!' THATTOO
'This little piggy' TOE
Actor Jared LETO
Adamant affirmation YESIDO
Air-conditioner measures, for short BTUS
And so on: Abbr ETC
Apes cats? MEOWS
Boxing weight with a limit of 118 pounds BANTAM
Broke a fast ATE
Business bigwig, for short CEO
Caesar's rebuke to Brutus ETTU
Campaigned for office RAN
Comic actress Jones, formerly of 32-Down LESLIE
Comment while pulling into the driveway WEREHOME
Completely lose it, with 'out' FREAK
Conan of late-night TV OBRIEN
Country singer Morgan LORRIE
Did the backstroke, say SWAM
Folk singer Guthrie ARLO
Free, as a bank account NOFEE
French fashion monogram YSL
Handing responsibility to someone else PASSINGTHETORCH
Hawaii's ___ Coast KONA
Historical periods ERAS
Hit the slopes SKI
Intense illumination, as in old movie projectors ARCLIGHT
James ___, author who won a posthumous Pulitzer AGEE
Kansas City baseball team ROYALS
Law enforcement org FBI
London's land: Abbr ENG
Lots and lots ATON
Major accomplishment in baseball or horse racing TRIPLECROWN
Clues Answers
Mexican artist Frida KAHLO
Moe, Larry or Curly STOOGE
More's opposite LESS
Mozart's '___ Fan Tutte' COSI
NBC comedy show, in brief SNL
New York City landmark suggested by the ends of 17-, 22-, 34- and 50-Across STATUEOFLIBERTY
One of three things tried by Goldilocks BED
One of two on a shirt SLEEVE
One way to deal with a pain in the neck ASPIRINTABLET
Online source of film facts IMDB
Open ___ (prepare to pay later) ATAB
Permit LET
Product of Shell or ExxonMobil OIL
Program that spits out spam BOT
Protection for an outdoor reception TENT
River of central Germany EDER
Rose petal fragrance ATTAR
Soaks (up) SOPS
Soothing skin balm ALOEGEL
Sound of a diaphragm spasm HIC
Steadiness, as in leadership SUREHAND
Suffix with Egypt or Paris IAN
Threaten, as a little dog might YAPAT
Threw a party for FETED
Trident-shaped Greek letter PSI
Trifling MERE
Trillion: Prefix TERA
Try to hit, as a gnat SWATAT
Two interacting communities in the home of a college TOWNANDGOWN
Urban air pollution SMOG
Van Gogh's 'The ___ Night' STARRY
Virginia who wrote 'Mrs. Dalloway' WOOLF
When it comes down to it ATBOTTOM
Woman's name that looks like Roman numerals for 51 + 51 LILI
Woody ___, bartender on 'Cheers' BOYD