New York Times - Jul 2 2022

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Clues Answers
'And That Reminds Me' singer Reese DELLA
'Don't ask me again!' ISAIDNO
'S.N.L.' alum Rachel DRATCH
'Sayonara!' ADIOS
'See? Told ya!' ICALLEDIT
'Who ___?' KNEW
1950s-'70s war locale SINAI
Add or subtract, say EDIT
Aid for going paperless EREADER
Assign new keyboard shortcuts to REMAP
Auction series BIDS
Bathing suit portmanteau TANKINI
Be feasible, as a proposal FLY
Big hit THWACK
Bosporus resident TURK
Campus with a landmark statue of Will Rogers on his horse Soapsuds TEXASTECH
Carrying-on ADO
Certain Australian boomers (male) and flyers (female) WALLABIES
Certain hydrocarbon ALKENE
Choice words THISONE
Click-N-Ship org USPS
Code for the primary hub of Delta Air Lines ATL
Come together GEL
Comedian Vulcano of 'Impractical Jokers' SAL
Commercial mascot with floppy ears TRIXRABBIT
Competitor in the Prix de Lausanne BALLERINA
Decorative painting on an airplane fuselage NOSEART
Direction HEADING
Discreet attention-getter PSST
Early-21st-century crisis, with 'the' GREATRECESSION
Game 1 starter, typically ACE
Hannah Gadsby's 'Nanette' or Hasan Minhaj's 'Homecoming King' NETFLIXSPECIAL
Hi-___ HAT
Image problem? REBUS
In a saddle, say ASTRIDE
Clues Answers
Is flabbergasted REELS
Lagunitas offering IPA
Like some defenses ORAL
Locale for a power wash PATIO
Looking like rain, say GRAY
Make, in math ARE
Mid-April, in the U.S TAXTIME
Needlework verb or noun TAT
Old flame EXLOVER
Painting that inspired an iconic 'Home Alone' movie poster THESCREAM
Part of a fraction SLASH
Pioneers' trips west, e.g TREKS
Plant that symbolized purity in ancient Egypt FLAX
Port letters USB
Roquefort source EWE
Saya, for a katana SHEATH
Some C.D.C. spots PSAS
Some pieces in a bucket THIGHS
Something 'U.S.A.' may be part of CHANT
Something kept in a Hollywood archive MASTERCOPY
South Asian toddy cats CIVETS
Succinct LACONIC
Sugar cubes, e.g hexahedra
Taken charge FEE
Through working: Abbr RET
Tick or tock SEC
Tobiko or masago ROE
Tony-winning actress Stroker ALI
Try to get through intuition GUESSAT
Verb whose past tense form is an anagram of its present tense EAT
Verbal equivalent of picking up the gauntlet OHITSON
Wine barrel wood OAK
Wing ___ NUT
Word on a cornerstone ANNO
Word with mess or press KIT
___-relief BAS