Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jul 15 2022

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Clues Answers
"Zounds!" EGAD
"— She Sweet" AINT
Apt. coolers ACS
Art of speaking RHETORIC
Bad habit VICE
Bee's home HIVE
Bellyaches WHINES
Birds of prey BUZZARDS
Boring types DULLARDS
Chiefs coach Andy REID
Choir voice ALTO
Comic Hedberg MITCH
Computer problem CRASH
Cote cry BAA
Debtor's letters IOU
Decorate anew REDO
Dijon products MUSTARDS
Emmy winner Alan ALDA
Fishing rod POLE
Fork part TINE
French vineyard CRU
Fuzzy fruit PEACH
Hasten HIE
Heat source SUN
Internet address URL
Kick back REST
Kudrow of "Friends" LISA
Latvia's capital RIGA
Makes a choice OPTS
Mexican shout of joy ARRIBA
Millinery HATS
Clues Answers
Moreover AND
New Deal agcy NRA
Normandy battle site STLO
Onion relative LEEK
Platter DISC
Probability ODDS
Queue LINE
Quick looks PEEKS
Record holder? CON
Reedy THIN
Requests ASKS
Scooby- — DOO
Sends on, as an email FORWARDS
Shakespeare villain IAGO
Sheeran and Harris EDS
Shrek, for one OGRE
Soft leather SUEDE
Spartan queen LEDA
Sport shirt brand IZOD
Staff symbol CLEF
Suitor SWAIN
Surrealist Dali SALVADOR
Swedish auto SAAB
Third son SETH
Tokyo's historic name EDO
Tribute maker MAZDA
TV mogul Griffin MERV
Use an eggbeater WHIP
Woodland walks HIKES
Yankee nickname AROD
Young fellow LAD