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Clues Answers
"Diana" singer Paul ANKA
"Finding —" (2016 film) DORY
"It just came back to me" IREMEMBER
"Tell Mama" singer James ETTA
"Terrible" Russian IVAN
"You can't — all!" Winem
"Zounds!" EGADS
"— -Ca-Dabra" (1974 hit) ABRA
"— So Shy" HES
"— sure you know ..." ASIM
13-digit ID in publishing ISBN
2017 film about skater Harding ITONYA
Actress Issa RAE
Actress Julia ORMOND
Ad- — (wings it) LIBS
Allison of jazz MOSE
Apple debut of 2010 IPAD
Attic buildup DUST
Bagel seed SESAME
Baseball Hall of Famer Edd ROUSH
Big desert SAHARA
Big simians APES
Boys' school in Britain ETON
Brood pouch OVISAC
Brother in Genesis ESAU
Church cry AMEN
Clic — (Bic pen brand) STIC
Clucks of shame TSKS
Clumsy boat SCOW
Color shade HUE
Comics' bits GAGS
Cry feebly WHINE
Cry from a toddler who's dropped a Dairy Queen cone? OOPSICECREAM
Dadaist Jean ARP
Daybreak DAWN
De-wrinkle IRON
Defeat LOSS
Despot of old TSAR
eBay action BID
Entry points INS
Fan noise WHIR
Female rat DOE
Film director Nicolas ROEG
Fitting snugly TIGHT
Flip (out) FREAK
Gelatin in a petri dish AGAR
Genesis brother CAIN
Ger.'s continent EUR
German "a" EIN
Ghostly figure PHANTOM
Give credit where credit — ISDUE
Give relief EASE
Glittery jewelry, informally BLING
Gown designer Vera WANG
H. Ross — PEROT
Have as a snack NOSHON
Heckles JEERS
Hot cereal, often OATMEAL
Imbiber's hwy. crime DWI
Itty-bitty TEENSY
Jacuzzi effect EDDY
Jay of "Gary Unmarried" MOHR
Jezebel's god BAAL
Kid-lit "pest" RAMONA
Leaving GOING
Like Ogden Nash's "lama" ONEL
List of jurors PANEL
Longtime Yankee nickname AROD
Lover of beauty AESTHETE
Lower limb LEG
Clues Answers
Mets' gp MLB
Mined matter ORE
Miracle drink ELIXIR
More than mere doubt DISBELIEF
Mother chickens HENS
Myers once of CNBC DEEDEE
Negative battery pole ANODE
Newsman Brit HUME
Novelist Oz AMOS
Official account of an excursion? OUTINGREPORT
Org. for cavity repairers ADA
Osso buco meat VEAL
Oz creator L. Frank — BAUM
Pageantry POMP
Pale-looking ASHEN
Perform a hip-hop song about a military operation? RAPTHEMISSION
Periodic table creator Mendeleev DMITRI
Pilaf base RICE
Place to buy a leash PETSTORE
Port in Japan OSAKA
Present HERE
Punchline drum hit RIMSHOT
Put on DON
Quartz, e.g SILICA
Queens' homes CASTLES
Region of Italy's "toe" CALABRIA
Rodent-catching cat MOUSER
Royal Navy letters HMS
Rubdown given in a mountain chalet? ALPMASSAGE
Savings acct. buildup INT
Search for a Marvel superhero? AVENGERHUNT
See 47-Down HUG
Seized auto, say REPO
Setting for petri dishes BIOLAB
Singer Cooke SAM
Singer Grande, to her fans ARI
Singer Rawls LOU
Skating jump AXEL
Sleuth, slangily TEC
Slowly, on music scores ADAGIO
Smell ODOR
Some sports rounds, for short ELIMS
Some till bills TENS
Sour in taste ACERBIC
Sports contest between two disorderly crowds? RABBLETOURNAMENT
Suffix with beat or neat NIK
Supreme Court members' favorite beers? ALESOFJUSTICE
Sword parts HILTS
Take — of faith ALEAP
Talked on and on about chicken products? RAMBLEDEGGS
Telly network BBC
The "A" of A/V AUDIO
The "A" of AandE ARTS
Things docs prescribe MEDS
Tire problems LEAKS
To be, to Gigi ETRE
Towing org AAA
Tragic destiny DOOM
Untruth teller LIAR
Uproars ADOS
Use Lyft, e.g RIDE
Vermont hrs EST
Very annoyed SORE
Very simple ASNAP
Winged insect native to Iraq or Oman? ARABBEETLE
With 44-Down, big embrace BEAR
With milk, in French AULAIT
Yelled while using a juicer? REAMEDANDSHOUTED
— Green (old eloping mecca) GRETNA
— shui FENG
— to go (eager) RARIN