L.A. Times Daily - Jun 29 2022

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Clues Answers
"Argo" org CIA
"Dig in!" EAT
"This is all more than I can handle" ITSALOT
"To Venus and Back" singer Amos TORI
"__ as directed" USE
*Cast celebration WRAPPARTY
*Employ flowery language WAXPOETIC
*Indulgent request made by Mae West in "I'm No Angel" PEELMEAGRAPE
*Operating room assistants SCRUBNURSES
*Retail event with deep discounts BLOWOUTSALE
Aardvark snack ANT
Absolute UTMOST
Askew AWRY
Baseball stat ATBAT
Black-__ Susan EYED
Boarding area GATE
Bolt holder TNUT
Brief tussle SETTO
Bulgaria's capital SOFIA
Captivate ENTHRALL
Categorize ASSORT
Come to pass OCCUR
Connecticut WNBA team SUN
Court WOO
Cyclist's accessory TIREPUMP
Dog in RCA Victor ads NIPPER
Early '90s pres., familiarly BUSHSR
Education acronym STEM
First name of Italian sopranos Tebaldi and Scotto RENATA
For you and me OURS
Garmin device GPSUNIT
Grammy category since 1989 RAP
Greek fabulist AESOP
Haggis ingredient SUET
Hasty escape LAM
Hathaway of "Ocean's 8" ANNE
Hidden obstacle SNAG
Hissy fit SNIT
How stir-fry is often served ONRICE
Inverse trig function ARCSINE
Jackson Hole backdrop TETONS
Clues Answers
Joins the conversation PIPESUP
Liberal group? ARTS
Lightning burst FLASH
Matches BOUTS
Medium for most refrigerator art CRAYON
Mojito liquor RUM
Mountaineering tool ICEAXE
Native peoples of the Arctic INUIT
Neon or freon GAS
Nocturnal nestlings OWLETS
Number in a 10-day forecast, for short TEMP
O.K. Corral brothers EARPS
Ostrich kin EMU
Panoramic views VISTAS
Place to enjoy the kinds of pampering found at the starts of the answers to the starred clues SPA
Plot device? HOE
Quick drawing SKETCH
React to yeast RISE
Rhinoceros feature HORN
Route WAY
Ruin, as plans TORPEDO
Sax type ALTO
Shape outlined in Instagram's logo CAMERA
Shed tears CRY
Shifty SLY
Strait-laced PRIM
Sugar substitute STEVIA
Taking after ALA
Throw wide of the cutoff man, say ERR
Ticks by ELAPSES
Underwater detector SONAR
Use a spade DIG
Utter SAY
Vague threat ORELSE
Vegetable that may stain a cutting board BEET
Vichyssoise need LEEK
Viognier or Vouvray WINE
Walk heavily PLOD
Wimbledon sport TENNIS
__ Pueblo, New Mexico TAOS