L.A. Times Daily - Jun 28 2022

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Clues Answers
"Always Be My Maybe" actress/writer Wong ALI
"Insecure" star Issa RAE
"Nope" UHUH
"Suppose so" IRECKON
"This is __ a test" ONLY
*"Feelin' fine!" JUSTDANDY
*"Let me enjoy my guilty pleasures!" DONTJUDGE
*Fruity treat often dusted with powdered sugar JELLYDONUT
*Move that captures two checkers DOUBLEJUMP
11-Down eater's dismayed cry IMAMESS
A bit foggy MISTY
Allow to enter ADMIT
Ankle-length skirt MAXI
Apollo project destination MOON
Bird on Froot Loops boxes TOUCAN
Bring together UNITE
Browns lightly TOASTS
Chemical in potent drain cleaners LYE
Chicken __ king ALA
City in northwest Missouri, informally STJOE
Contributes ADDSIN
Country singer Willie NELSON
Dance club compilation, and what the answers to the starred clues literally are DJMIX
Director Craven WES
Dryly humorous DROLL
Elite athletes ALLSTARS
English county on the North Sea ESSEX
Feature of some Southern accents DRAWL
Figure of speech TROPE
Footed vases URNS
Foxx who voices the pianist in 39-Across JAMIE
Frolic in the pool SPLASH
Future atty.'s exam LSAT
Ginger __ ALE
Gives permission SAYSOK
Gone fishing, say ATSEA
GPS suggestion ROUTE
Handy list in the back of a book INDEX
Hearty bowlful STEW
Clues Answers
Humble reply to a compliment ITRY
Idris of "The Wire" ELBA
Italian bubbly ASTI
JFK successor LBJ
Little cut SNIP
Loosen (up) EASE
Love who co-hosted "The Real" LONI
Mayfield of R&B CURTIS
Mex. neighbor USA
Minestrone and chowder SOUPS
Moderate gallop CANTER
Organic certifying gp USDA
Overly confident SMUG
Parka feature HOOD
Peter, the pickled-pepper picker PIPER
Pickle container JAR
Pixar film about a jazz pianist SOUL
PlayStation maker SONY
Pointers TIPS
Pretzel shape KNOT
Pt. of a B'way address NYNY
Ready to go trick-or-treating, say MASKEDUP
Shouts YELLS
Sleeveless top, for short CAMI
Slightly open AJAR
Sports complex ARENA
Stench ODOR
Sunbeams RAYS
Swine PIG
Three, in Italian TRE
Threw a tantrum RAGED
URL intro HTTP
Uses a keyboard TYPES
Website revenue source ADSPACE
Website with tutorials EHOW
Words after count or sleep ONIT
__ chart PIE
__ language BODY