Universal - Jun 28 2022

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Clues Answers
"Goodness!" OHMY
"Men in Black" figures AGENTS
"Turandot" solo ARIA
A trip down memory ___ LANE
Act gloomily MOPE
Ads promoting COVID vaccines, e.g PSAS
Airport west of OAK SFO
Analogous (to) AKIN
Area set aside as a library? ZONEFORTHEBOOKS
Big bang source, for short? TNT
Big book FOLIO
Broadcaster based in a Utah national park? ZIONTELEVISION
Buddhist sect ZEN
Canvas bag TOTE
Catches NABS
Chaperone, often ADULT
Clowns giving a charity performance, perhaps? ZANYVOLUNTEERS
Cold and distant ALOOF
Comprehend SEE
Country near Sri Lanka INDIA
Cube in craps DIE
CX-5 SUV maker MAZDA
D sharp's equivalent EFLAT
Features of mosques' roofs DOMES
Fencing swords EPEES
Focus (on) ZEROIN
Food or shelter, e.g NEED
Fore's opposite AFT
Free of wrinkles, as a shirt IRONED
From the beginning ANEW
Haggard of country music MERLE
Have the flu, say AIL
He hit 696 HRs AROD
Home of Norway's Royal Palace OSLO
Human's relative APE
ICU connections IVS
In a funk BLUE
In unison ASONE
Is right for SUITS
Clues Answers
It spins in the wind VANE
Ken of "thirtysomething" OLIN
Kingly Norwegian name OLAV
Knox and others FORTS
Like snake eyes BEADY
Little amount BIT
Mars, to Jupiter SON
Mining bonanza LODE
Mooring line ROPE
Most common roll in craps SEVEN
Most SAT takers TEENS
Nick on screen NOLTE
Not with anybody ALONE
Once called NEE
Palestinian enclave GAZA
Poppy drug OPIUM
Preconceived notion? FATE
Quaint watch attachment FOB
Repair FIX
Resistant to opposing arguments UNSWAYED
Resume blurb BIO
Ring legend Muhammad ALI
Rocket's front section NOSECONE
Rose to one's feet GOTUP
Self-esteem EGO
Shakespeare's "Troilus ___ Cressida" AND
Shoppe modifier OLDE
Shredded TORN
St. Louis-to-Indianapolis dir ENE
Stoneworker MASON
Thunderous noise CLAP
Tool in a punch bowl LADLE
Tool often spelled without an "e" AXE
Typical USUAL
Upscale L.A. neighborhood BELAIR
Wall support STUD
Welcome note from one's dermatologist? ZITSNOTAPROBLEM
Word before "faith" or "luck" BAD
Write PEN