Universal - Jun 23 2022

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Clues Answers
"Gotta hurry!" IMLATE
"Sharp" humor WIT
"The One" in "The Matrix" NEO
"There's no denying it ..." FACTIS
African nation by the Red Sea ERITREA
Apt rhyme for "eyes" STYES
As of now YET
Aspiring J.D.'s exam LSAT
Auditing org IRS
Biblical birthright seller ESAU
Bonds (to) ADHERES
Cabbage-based side SLAW
Chauffeured ride LIMO
Classic hippie van VWMICROBUS
Climbing vine IVY
Closer? LID
De Armas of "No Time to Die" ANA
Disney princess who grew up in Atlantica ARIEL
Do, re or mi NOTE
Doll whose last name is Carson KEN
Either digit in this clue's number, in Spanish DOS
Excuse for a lack of decorum or homework ILOSTIT
Extension for students? EDU
Find a new home for REHOUSE
Flashy headwear TIARA
Gender presentation that isn't masculine FEMME
Get rolling BEGIN
God, to Rastafarians JAH
High black card KINGOFCLUBS
Homophone for 22-Down DOSE
Impressionist's skill ART
Letters for letter carriers USPS
Like some coincidences EERIE
Math problem involving the movement of a chess piece KNIGHTSTOUR
Mathematician known for e and i EULER
Media component that's Latin for "I hear" AUDIO
Clues Answers
Mila's role on "Family Guy" MEG
Mosque leader IMAM
Motorola flip phone RAZR
Occupied, as a table SATAT
Old Palm device with an apt first syllable TREO
Old-fashioned person FOGY
On and on and on NOEND
Organization for Brownies GIRLSCOUTS
Palindrome in English and Morse code SOS
Pic on an ankle, say TAT
Pick apart grammatically PARSE
Pressed, as a button PUSHED
Rebuke in a theater SHH
Record spinners DEEJAYS
Regain consciousness COMETO
Reggae relative SKA
She became queen of Scotland at six days old MARY
Showed to the door SAWOUT
Smaller than molecular ATOMIC
Sock tip TOE
Strong strings TWINES
Swear (to) ATTEST
Takeoff guess at SFO ETD
The A's in "fat cat," e.g. ... or three letters in 17-, 24-, 49- or 57-Across? SHORTVOWELS
They might get you barred from bars FAKEIDS
They might make you red-faced UVRAYS
Touches FEELS
Tragic tale SADSTORY
U-turn from NNW SSE
University near Duke ELON
What mythomaniacs do a lot LIE
Women's ___ LIB
Wrath IRE
Yamaguchi in a rink KRISTI