New York Times - Jun 22 2022

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Clues Answers
'East of Eden' author STEINBECK
'Let 'er ___!' RIP
'___, fi, fo, fum' FEE
*Design on some baseball uniforms PINSTRIPES
*Drivers' process when two lanes of traffic become one ZIPPERMERGE
*Garden plant that opens and shuts its 'mouth' when squeezed SNAPDRAGON
*White pizza toppings BUTTONMUSHROOMS
Abbr. on a cornerstone EST
Accept and let go of something ... or a hint to the starts of the answers to the starred clues FINDCLOSURE
Ancient Greek market AGORA
Antitrust law enforcement org FTC
Athena's winged companion OWL
Azerbaijan or Lithuania, once: Abbr SSR
Bizarre WEIRD
Brand of sunglasses RAYBAN
Brown who wrote 'Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee' DEE
Burgle ROB
Bus driver for Lisa and Bart OTTO
Chitter-chatter GAB
Chubby PUDGY
Close by NEAR
Darkest part of a shadow UMBRA
Daughter of Joe and Jill Biden ASHLEY
Diamond official UMPIRE
Espresso-over-ice cream desserts AFFOGATOS
French word after 'vous' ETES
Gaffer, best boy and others CREW
Glass of 'This American Life' IRA
Home of the Viking Ship Museum OSLO
Hubbub ADO
Hype (up) AMP
Inexact recipe amount DASH
Inquisition charge HERESY
Italian city in a 'Kiss Me, Kate' song PADUA
Jobs creation APPLE
Laugh sound YUK
Like some people at weddings and funerals TEARY
Linzer ___ (pastry) TORTE
Clues Answers
Long stretches EONS
Lowest part of a range, for short MIN
Major-leaguer who wears 49-Across at home YANKEE
Missing letters in 'transgre_s_o_,' appropriately SIN
Munich Mrs FRAU
Official declarations EDICTS
Old-fashioned shoe cover SPAT
Pie nut PECAN
Poet Dickinson EMILY
Pony up PAY
Popular blogging platform WORDPRESS
Puncher's tool AWL
Q preceder, in song SUZIE
Sacramento-to-San Diego dir SSE
Sick ILL
Something weighed at a weigh station TRUCK
Syria's Bashar al-___ ASSAD
The windows to the soul, it's said EYES
They can be sculpted and chiseled ABS
They're sworn OATHS
Threaten, as a cat might HISSAT
Time keeper METRONOME
Tote LUG
Uncooked RAW
Very corpulent OBESE
Vitamin supplement retailer GNC
What you've got going for you ASSET
When you're on it, you're en pointe TOE
Wine vessel TUN
Wizard's accessory STAFF
Word before bar or party SEARCH
Work from Bellini or Rossini OPERA
You might order ahi tuna or yellowtail from it SUSHIMENU
[waves hand in a circle] ETC
___ mode ALA