Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jul 8 2022

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Clues Answers
"Beetle Bailey" dog OTTO
"Get what I'm sayin'?" YADIG
"Terrif!" FAB
Actress Brennan EILEEN
Arizona river GILA
Aussie hopper ROO
Balm target LIP
Baseball's Hodges GIL
Baseball's Ty COBB
Booty SWAG
Brisk tempos ALLEGROS
Color worker DYER
Complete ENTIRE
Corporate symbol LOGO
Draw forth ELICIT
eBay offer BID
Elevated RAISED
Footnote abbr IBID
Garden buzzer BEE
Genesis garden EDEN
Get wind of HEAR
Grouch CRAB
Harvard rival YALE
Have bills OWE
Haw preceder HEE
Hooded snakes COBRAS
Ignited LIT
In medias — RES
Kimono sash OBI
Long story SAGA
Martini liquor GIN
Clues Answers
Newt EFT
Nuisance PEST
Octet count EIGHT
Optimistic ROSEATE
Ozone, for one GAS
Part of Hispaniola HAITI
Pasadena arena ROSEBOWL
Perry's creator ERLE
Proverbs ADAGES
Rail BAR
Russian ruler TSAR
Sacred bird of Egypt IBIS
Sardonic WRY
Sax range ALTO
Shade TINT
Shriner's chapeau FEZ
Singer Scaggs BOZ
Slightly ABIT
Some Oklahoma natives OTOES
Speck IOTA
Specter GHOST
Sports fig ATH
Stately tree ELM
Texter's "As I see it" IMHO
Texter's "Incidentally" BTW
Traditional tales LORE
Victor's cry IWON
Waist-length jackets BOLEROS
Watch chain FOB
Weary sounds SIGHS
Young bloke LAD
— loss ATA