Wall Street Journal - Jun 21 2022 - Life-Size

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Clues Answers
“Little old me?!” MOI
“Say cheese!” BIGSMILE
Accompaniment for a carousel, perhaps WURLITZERORGAN
According to PER
App symbol ICON
At a distance AFAR
Babe’s boss PAULBUNYAN
Ballpark souvenirs CAPS
Billy’s bleat MAA
Blueprint figure SPEC
Bowen Yang’s show, familiarly SNL
Bracelet baubles CHARMS
Bread boxes? ATMS
Brewpub selection ALE
Burner phone PREPAIDCELL
Caped crusader, maybe HERO
CBS show with a Hawaii spinoff NCIS
Chaparral plant SHRUB
City on the Ontario-Quebec border OTTAWA
Comic Caesar SID
Cooking spray brand PAM
Counter measure? CENSUSDATA
Country bumpkin RUBE
Cruise stop ISLE
Depend RELY
Didn’t seek HID
Didn’t spend SAVED
Digital copy BACKUPFILE
Drag queen accessories WIGS
Empire State Building style DECO
EMT’s skill CPR
Faked out, in a hockey game DEKED
Flight segment STAIR
Give a stump speech ORATE
Greek love god EROS
Greek war god ARES
Greenlit OKD
Clues Answers
Howls at the moon BAYS
Impressive accomplishment FEAT
Intimate apparel item BRA
Jordanian archaeological site PETRA
Like drone footage AERIAL
Line of fire? WICK
Make it possible to send the invitations SETADATE
Material for a homemade mummy costume BATHROOMTISSUE
Miniature burger SLIDER
Molecule with base pairs DNA
Neat freak’s nightmare MESS
NYC home of “The Persistence of Memory” MOMA
One might swing from a chandelier PARTYANIMAL
Passed out while playing DEALT
Past-its-prime horse NAG
Peace Prize winner from Poland WALESA
Person who gets into print AVIDREADER
Pilot’s guesses, for short ETAS
Portentous sign OMEN
Printer tray abbr LTR
Prof’s degree, often PHD
Proton’s place ATOM
Quippy rejoinders RIPOSTES
Realtors and spies AGENTS
Reward for good behavior, sometimes GOLDSTAR
Ship pole MAST
Sighed word ALAS
Slush Puppie’s parent company ICEE
Small protuberance NUB
Tax org IRS
Toward sunup EAST
Tree with cones FIR
Tried to chomp BITAT
Water, to Watteau EAU
Way to go ROAD
Whirling toon TAZ
Winter coat SNOW