New York Times - Jun 20 2022

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Clues Answers
'Abandon hope, ___ ye who enter here' ALL
'And Still I Rise' poet Maya ANGELOU
'Same here' DITTO
'___ for the poor' ALMS
'___ mio!' ('My lord!': Sp.) DIOS
18-wheeler RIG
Accessories that may feature Windsor knots NECKTIES
Acquire, as a job LAND
Anticipate FORESEE
Apple's voice assistant SIRI
Arrived CAME
Ballyhoo ADO
Beanie, e.g CAP
Beauty GEM
Beginnerish EASY
Bird that caws CROW
Border on ABUT
Canal through Egypt SUEZ
Cherish ADORE
Clothes presser IRON
Container for mints TIN
Cotton fabric named for a French city LISLE
D.C. baseball players ... or what the ends of 17-, 21-, 39- and 55-Across sound like NATIONALS
Data sources for Election Day coverage EXITPOLLS
Desert on the Silk Road GOBI
Discreet attention-getter PSST
Early Peruvians INCAS
Ensnare TRAP
Fawn's mother DOE
Forget to mention OMIT
Game with 15 numbered balls POOL
Got 100% on ACED
Ideologies ISMS
Ireland, in literature ERIN
Joint just above the heel ANKLE
Kid-lit classic 'Blueberries for ___' SAL
Lady in Progressive ads FLO
Large props held by contest winners in publicity photos OVERSIZEDCHECKS
Clues Answers
Largest branch of Islam SUNNI
Late-1950s car stylings designed to look aerodynamic TAILFINS
Leafy fresh herb in a caprese salad BASIL
Like moldy basements and some memes DANK
Make a scratch or dent in MAR
Make up (for) ATONE
Mon. follower TUE
Mournful, as poetry ELEGIAC
München : Munich :: ___ : Cologne KOLN
Nasal sounds from someone with a slight cold SNIFFLES
Nincompoop TWIT
Of a shared cultural identity ETHNIC
Opposite of urban RURAL
Oscar winner Mahershala ALI
Plead BEG
Plural that makes one wonder why there aren't any meese GEESE
Puerto ___ RICO
Ringlets CURLS
Run in neutral IDLE
Ships' records LOGS
Silly DAFT
Singer Bareilles SARA
Singer Paul with a star on Canada's Walk of Fame ANKA
Small lakes PONDS
Squirt from an octopus INK
Steer a plane toward the runway TAXI
Sticky tree secretion RESIN
Strong negative reaction, as from the public BACKLASH
Subdermal lump CYST
Subject to a tax, as property ASSESS
Test one's ___ (be a challenge) METTLE
Three-dimensional SPATIAL
Tiny unit of matter ATOM
Tolerate ABIDE
Toni Morrison's 'Beloved,' for one NOVEL
What you park in a driveway or drive on a parkway AUTO
Word sometimes used incorrectly for 'fewer' LESS
Word with tricks and thrills CHEAP
Zip, zero, nada NIL