Universal - Jun 19 2022

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Clues Answers
"Fame" actress Cara IRENE
"Ho ho ho!" speaker SANTA
"Surfin' ___" (Beach Boys hit) USA
"Sweet!" RAD
"We ___ the Champions" (Queen song) ARE
"West Side ___" (1957 musical) STORY
"___ la vista!" HASTA
"___ to see it my way!" TRY
2022 FX show to watch on Father's Day? THEOLDMAN
Actor's video REEL
Actress Davis GEENA
Actress de Armas ANA
Asian country consisting of 6,852 islands JAPAN
Athlete to root for on Father's Day? SANDIEGOPADRE
Before, before ERE
Behave in an ungodly manner SIN
Bit of help HINT
Blend MIX
Bring forth ELICIT
Brings up RAISES
Calm and tranquil SEDATE
CBS forensics franchise CSI
Certain sled dogs HUSKIES
Character who sings "Let It Go" ELSA
Cookie celebrated annually on March 6 OREO
Crafter's site ETSY
Creates a hairy situation? SHEDS
Day light? SUN
Disney mermaid who wants to "be where the people are" ARIEL
Distort WARP
Fish eggs ROE
From the top ANEW
Gem with a fire variety OPAL
Genre to listen to on Father's Day? POPMUSIC
Glossary entry TERM
Groaners to share on Father's Day? DADJOKES
Help out ASSIST
Highest point APEX
Clues Answers
Internship's outcome, perhaps JOB
Junk email SPAM
L.A. transit METRO
Like a ship on the ocean floor SUNK
Like most lightbulbs SCREWIN
Little kid TOT
Mimic APE
Mistake ERROR
More pouty MOPIER
Mountain and tree, e.g., in yoga POSES
Night light? STAR
One of 78 in this puzzle CLUE
Opinion columns OPEDS
Person with a handle USER
Pet with a "tuxedo" variety CAT
Pieces of furniture that might be shaped like race cars BEDS
Playing card above a 10 JACK
Points a finger at, in a way IDS
Possessed OWNED
Printer need TONER
Pursue romantically WOO
Really ambitious DRIVEN
Reproductive cells OVA
Seat in some cabaret shows STOOL
Shape of a 0 OVAL
Sharpened HONED
Singer Amos TORI
Sluggish SLOW
Stone in some Chinese art JADE
Strike-organizing group UNION
Subject of a makeup exam? ANATOMY
They might wear letterman jackets JOCKS
Tries to achieve AIMSFOR
Vessel for couples? ARK
When a golf game starts TEETIME
Word after "naughty" or "nice" LIST
Workers on the hill? ANTS
___ up (really stoked) FIRED