New York Times - Jun 19 2022

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Clues Answers
'Copy ___' THAT
'How marvelous!' ILOVEIT
'In a word ... awful!' ITSBAD
'It's my turn' [or] Comment after rambling on ILL
'Mazel ___!' TOV
'Oh, shove it!' BITEME
'That's a touchy subject' DONT
'You and me both' LIKEWISE
1988 #1 country album named for its singer REBA
Actor in a much-publicized 2022 defamation case DEPP
Alternative to JFK LGA
Avenger who stepped into the role of Captain America FALCON
Avid war campaigner HAWK
Baseball slugger, informally RBIMAN
Beast slain by Hercules in his fourth labor BOAR
Big name in cloud computing IBM
Blow away AWE
Boatloads ALOT
Book some wedding entertainment HIREADJ
Brand in the frozen foods aisle OREIDA
Brushes are dipped in them PAINTCANS
Bust mid-crime CATCH
Called to Bo-Peep BAAED
Car in the Beach Boys' 'Fun, Fun, Fun' TBIRD
Cartoon frame CEL
Certain spa treatment PEEL
Cinq x six TRENTE
Clothed, so to speak DECENT
Cocktail with an energy boost VODKA
Cross one's fingers HOPE
Draw upon again RETAP
Early online discussion forum USENET
Equus africanus asinus, more familiarly DONKEY
Exams for top H.S. students APTESTS
Film critic Kael PAULINE
Fruity refreshments ADES
Gargoyles are often depicted with them FANGS
Hawkeye IOWAN
Heart charts, in brief EKGS
Hot ___ (speaker's worry) MIC
Hunts, with 'on' PREYS
Inapplicable stat for electric cars MPG
Invitation on a wrapped gift OPENME
It can be detected using the 'bite test' or 'vinegar test' FAKEGOLD
It's observed at LAX during part of the year PST
Japanese brew ASAHI
Jessica of TV's 'Candy' BIEL
John Hancock, famously SIGNEE
Junior's hurdle PSAT
Kind of roof for a tiki bar THATCH
Label on some jars TIPS
Lack of harmony DISCORD
Lighter fluid BUTANE
Like one of Michael Jackson's hands when performing UNGLOVED
Listed, obsolescently INTHE
Little troublemakers IMPS
Locks that have been changed DYEDHAIR
Lose its spark, as a relationship STALE
Lover of psychedelics, informally ACIDHEAD
Lowly worker, so to speak COG
Lucky numbers in Chinese culture EIGHTS
Major political announcement before a convention, informally VPPICK
Marijuana strains said to be more invigorating SATIVAS
Mark Twain, religiously DEIST
Mascot who made his Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade debut in 2017 THEJOLLY
Moolah DOUGH
Move hurriedly HIE
Nathan who said 'I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country' HALE
Clues Answers
Nickname for Chloe COCO
Nonetheless, poetically THO
Not stay undefeated LOSEAGAME
Noted slacking speedster HARE
One might be right outside your window LEDGE
Opening words? HIS
Opposite of a superstar NOBODY
Paper size LEGAL
Peter Pan's creator BARRIE
Pharma supplies MEDS
Place for a lighthouse CAPE
Portland native, e.g MAINER
Prankster's smug shout GOTYA
Preamble LEADIN
Pull off the road for gas or snacks, say MAKEA
Putting on the heat? ARMING
Range of light that's invisible to the human eye INFRA
Reach, as new heights SOARTO
Ready to watch later ONTAPE
Reef predators EELS
Reviews negatively PANS
Roman god often depicted with a radiant crown SOL
Roofer's power tool NAILER
See-through piece PANE
Seedy bar DIVE
Skedaddles GITS
Small knocks NITS
Some art supplies OILS
Some ice cream purchases PINTS
Someone sequencing DNA, e.g SPLICER
Sponsored content, essentially ADS
Stage set? THESPIANS
Stagger about REEL
Stand for a photograph TRIPOD
Starchy vegetable YAM
Stars of the Wild West BADGES
Strong breath fresheners WINTER
Surname of the 'Incredibles' superhero family PARR
Sweater fuzz, e.g NAP
Temporary solutions GAPS
Tennis pro Nastase, the first athlete to sign an endorsement deal with Nike ILIE
Tesla and Edison, famously RIVALS
There's a 4.75% chance of getting this in poker TWOPAIR
Three-pronged letter PSI
Thrilling HEART
Treacherous places to land for eagles? SANDTRAPS
Tries HASA
Twisting on an axis SLUING
Two-player board game with spies and bombs STRATEGO
Usual NORM
Utterly, in slang DEADASS
Vacation getaway ISLE
Washington, with 'the' EVER
What a raised hand might mean HERE
What nervous eyes might do DART
Wield authority GOVERN
Words to a silly goose OHYOU
Yell before a snap HUT
Zenned out ATPEACE
[What a snoozefest!] YAWN