The Guardian - Quick crossword No 16,259 - Jun 17 2022

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Clues Answers
2022 Nato candidate SWEDEN
Colourless gas, O3 OZONE
Assignations TRYSTS
Concealment HIDING
Detective (informal) SLEUTH
Dramatic Moor OTHELLO
Exhibition of cowboy skills RODEO
Greek vowel OMEGA
Indigestion remedy ANTACID
Ingenuity, aptitude or skill KNOWHOW
Large cooking pot used by soldiers (or campers) DIXIE
Lazy drooping posture SLOUCH
Clues Answers
Made eyes at OGLED
Not including WITHOUT
Part of a snooker table CUSHION
Prestige RENOWN
Puzzle — UK's duo (anag) SUDOKU
Rope in attic (anag) — crackling sound CREPITATION
Scheme — jut out PROJECT
Sideboard with open shelves DRESSER
Square number SIXTEEN
Take part voluntarily OPTIN
Uniform colour KHAKI
Unspoken TACIT