The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,015 - Jun 16 2022

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Clues Answers
, 1 Down & 20 Down Publication of which damaged party -- and House -- regret? THESUE
British burden to provide incentive BONUS
Caustic quip by well-mannered man? PUNGENT
Cold War escalation with gun runners? ARMSRACE
Court instrument always finding criminal RACKETEER
Drink, tea to begin with, behind sandwiches? LATTE
Drinks bought for mates -- stout! ROUND
Food store, being very low, reportedly delivers DEEPFREEZE
Fuss unduly about Democrat TODO
Heads off for winter in pet surfing place INTERNET
Henchman to talk too much? GOON
In US find amazingly silent pots and pans? UTENSILS
Instrument has a light flashing outside Los Angeles ASTROLABE
Leader in congregation cut chat short RABBI
One next door having love for daughter in New Edinburgh? NEIGHBOUR
Clues Answers
One stealing food sent back with reduced fat BURGLAR
Product required in unethical NHS era when poorly? HEALTHINSURANCE
Room at inn organised for one proposing candidate NOMINATOR
See 22 Down REPORT
See 22 Down GRAY
Service provider quietly starting fires PARSON
Shelter king and Welsh emblem LEEK
The writer, drunk outside hotel, an American MINNESOTAN
This we can say about your underwear! YFRONTS
Those serving drinks here canned? BEHINDBARS
Titania's man in robe dancing about OBERON
Tree is what ripped cape HAWTHORN
Ultra-conservatives in iron ships HARDLINERS
Workmen at last on street work uninterrupted NONSTOP