USA Today - Jul 18 2022

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Clues Answers
'Amazing ___' (hymn) GRACE
'Funny!' HAH
'I agree to the ___ and conditions' TERMS
'If all ___ fails . . .' ELSE
'Kindred' protagonist DANA
'X-Men' character who can generate lightning STORM
'___ Catch 'Em All' (Pokemon slogan) GOTTA
'___ me about it!' TELL
99 Ranch and Forever 21, for two STORES
Actress who feuded with Walter White HATTIEMCDANIEL
Adage popularized by 3LW's 'Playas Gon' Play' HATERSGONNAHATE
Assign stars to RATE
Battle of the ___ (1973 tennis match) SEXES
Bay Area NFL player, for short NINER
Biblical boat ARK
Bigheadedness EGO
Black Girls ___ (tech nonprofit) CODE
Burrito meat option CARNEASADA
Chardonnay and others WINES
Chopping tool AXE
Country west of Chad NIGER
Frittata ingredient EGG
Gait for a horse TROT
Get older AGE
Group of eight OCTET
Have skin in the ___ GAME
In full ___ (flowering) BLOOM
It's similar to a bolt SCREW
Lakeside land SHORE
Large body of water SEA
London-based TV network BBC
Long sandwich SUB
Lunch meat that can contain pistachios MORTADELLA
Magazine whose name is a French pronoun ELLE
Mathematician Turing ALAN
Nasir al-Mulk Mosque's country IRAN
Not include OMIT
Not just any THE
Clues Answers
Part of a tennis match SET
Past-tense version of 'tis TWAS
People associated with the atomic whirl ATHEISTS
People dressed in black GOTHS
People on the mic MCS
Peru's capital LIMA
Place for a sleeve tattoo ARM
Places to stop for cash ATMS
Practice involving pranayama HATHAYOGA
Prepare for an exam STUDY
Raisin ___ (cereal) BRAN
Relatives KIN
Restrict LIMIT
RSVP recipient HOST
Runs out of charge DIES
Scientist working with enzymes BIOCHEMIST
Scripps National Spelling ___ BEE
Sight or touch, for example SENSE
Singer Redding OTIS
Smooth-talking GLIB
Spanish for 'art' ARTE
Spoken ORAL
Squanders BLOWS
Sushi seaweed NORI
Tasks to do around town ERRANDS
The Most Stuf cookies OREOS
Track-and-field competitions MEETS
Transmit SEND
Type of milkshake MALT
Unexciting BLAH
Watermelons' outer layers RINDS
Website with classified ads CRAIGSLIST
___ acids AMINO
___ for your buck BANG
___ Max (streaming service) HBO
___, pathos and logos ETHOS