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Clues Answers
"... — do say so myself" IFI
"And Bingo was his —" NAMEO
"Blaze" actress Davidovich LOLITA
"C'mon, help me out" BEAPAL
"Finally finished!" IDIDIT
"Harold and Maude" director Hal ASHBY
"In all probability ..." IDBET
"Number 10" painter Mark ROTHKO
"Scenes From —" (Bette Midler film) AMALL
"So there!" HAH
"Stop staring —!" ATME
"The best is — come" YETTO
"The Office" character Pam BEESLY
"— vincit amor" OMNIA
12-step affiliate group ALANON
1990s Toyota model PASEO
Actor Keach of "Mike Hammer" STACY
Actress de Ravin of "Roswell" and "Lost" EMILIE
Alloy that's mostly tin PEWTER
American bird with all-white plumage SNOWYEGRET
Ancient rival of Athens SPARTA
Apt question for this puzzle HOWSTHEWEATHER
Ares or Eros GOD
Artifacts of Angola, e.g AFRICANA
Became inseparable BONDED
Bird that flies near the ocean's surface STORMYPETREL
Blue shade INDIGO
Boiling mad INARAGE
Caesar of old comedy SID
Capital of Ghana ACCRA
Carrying of a boat PORTAGE
Casual tops TEES
Celebrity status STARDOM
Celestial bear URSA
Certain penpoint feature FELTTIP
Cheerful disposition SUNNYOUTLOOK
Circular tent YURT
Classic soda NEHI
Common way to mark losses INRED
Crusoe creator Daniel DEFOE
Deadpan humor DRYWIT
Dental floss coating WAX
Difficult matter to deal with STICKYISSUE
Dinosaur in "Toy Story" REX
Doughnut or bagel's shape TOROID
Dusting cloth RAG
Dwellers around Peru's peaks ANDEANS
Enumerating COUNTING
Equine beast ASS
Fancy playing marble TAW
Farewells ADIEUS
Feels unwell AILS
Fencer's attack LUNGE
Fizzy wine, in brief ASTI
From Oslo's country, to its natives NORSK
Gears up GETSSET
Gratuity-prohibiting policy NOTIPS
Greyhound vehicle BUS
Grills in stoves BROILERS
Hairstyling goop GEL
Head cover HAT
Idling position NEUTRAL
Implore BEG
Indian lute SITAR
Internet newsgroup troublemaker FLAMER
It's used for outlining designs in embroidery OVERCASTSTITCH
Clues Answers
Its capital is Kampala UGANDA
Jason of "Bad Teacher" SEGEL
Jr.-year exam PSAT
Ketchup ingredient TOMATO
Key in anew RETYPE
Kipling's "Follow Me —" OME
Ky. neighbor TENN
Lawyers: Abbr ATTYS
Mark of TV's "Supernatural" SHEPPARD
Military base ARMYPOST
Misfortunes ILLS
New Guinea natives PAPUANS
New Mexican succulents YUCCAS
New Mexico county OTERO
Nineveh's empire ASSYRIA
Nonsense song syllable TRA
Northern Spanish city OVIEDO
Novelist Dostoyevsky FYODOR
Oinkers PIGS
Olympic skater Midori ITO
Oman locale ASIA
Once-popular anesthetic ETHER
One trapping SNARER
Org. founded by Billie Jean King WTA
Ostrich kin RHEA
Pain greatly TORMENT
Part of B.A ARTS
Passionate love affair TORRIDROMANCE
Per unit APOP
Person ripping things TEARER
Pilfer STEAL
Place to dissect a frog BIOLAB
Pre-Easter time LENT
Renovates REDOES
Rescue SAVE
Rival FOE
Rodeo lasso RIATA
Savvy about ONTO
Saw or sickle TOOL
Seal, as a house-buying deal CLOSEON
Shoe securer LACE
Shrink back CRINGE
Speeding cars' ovals RACEWAYS
Spurt out SPEW
St. Louis' — Bridge EADS
Stockings, say LEGWEAR
Sultry HOT
Take a stroll WALK
Tease in fun TWIT
Tharp of choreography TWYLA
The U.S. State Department, informally FOGGYBOTTOM
They may have jingles ADS
Toll rd TPK
Toward a ship's stern ABAFT
Treasure pile TROVE
Utter failure FLOP
View anew RESEE
Walt Whitman's "— the Body Electric" ISING
When it's 1600 hours ATFOUR
Winona of "Black Swan" RYDER
Wood shoe SABOT
You, of yore THEE
Young guy, in hip-hop BOI
Yukon vehicle SLED
Yuletide mo DEC
— -Rooter ROTO