Wall Street Journal - Jun 15 2022 - Addenda

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Clues Answers
“Enchanted” girl ELLA
“Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe” author Fannie FLAGG
“Understood” ROGER
Adidas founder Dassler ADOLF
Astros, on scoreboards HOU
Bat-and-ball game CRICKET
Bonobo, e.g APE
Brand that uses Sweden’s national colors IKEA
Bread with a hidden pocket? SNEAKYPITA
Chef’s phrase ALA
Church officer ELDER
Crack, in a way DECRYPT
CVS Health subsidiary AETNA
Diploma equivalents, for short GEDS
Discouraging words NOS
Dried pepper ANCHO
Drum kit TRAPSET
Dunne of “I Remember Mama” IRENE
Equals ARE
Fall apart under pressure CHOKE
Fidelity, formally TROTH
Filing by the IRS TAXLIEN
Flea market deal RESALE
Gets rid of OUSTS
Glass of public radio IRA
Group values ETHOS
Heart quickener SCARE
His number 4 was retired by the Giants OTT
Intertwine ENLACE
Intriguing atmosphere AURA
It’s charged ION
Joel with an Oscar GREY
Líquido en un lago AGUA
Makes a bust, say SCULPTS
Mex. Mrs SRA
No.-issuing agency SSA
Numbers game LOTTO
Overnight delivery pro? SANTA
Clues Answers
Place for an indulgent getaway SPA
Plagiarized innovation passed off as original? FAKEIDEA
Play reviewers REFS
Prom corsages? DANCEFLORA
Proof, perhaps REREAD
Put in place LAID
Rainy day option PONCHO
Raises REARS
Rashness HASTE
Rational SANE
Salted herring KIPPER
Seaport south of Milan GENOA
Semicircle ARC
Seventh heaven ECSTASY
Short composition ETUDE
Singer Easton SHEENA
Small flash GLINT
Solder ingredient TIN
Some showdowns DUELS
Soyuz rocket letters CCCP
Stepfather? ALTPAPA
Stripling LAD
Stumble TRIP
Succulent with serrated leaves ALOE
Suite spot HOTEL
Sultry HUMID
Take a few courses DINE
Take springy steps PRANCE
Team based in the Xavier Institute XMEN
Throng HOST
Tip off WARN
Tipplers SOTS
What I’m showing you THIS
Whenever ready ATWILL
Without purpose IDLY
Word before acetate or alcohol ETHYL
Worried ATEAT
Wriggly swimmers EELS
Youngster TOT