The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,012 - Jun 13 2022

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Clues Answers
A capital city (not European) with a distinctive smell AROMA
Almost spear a type of antelope IMPALA
Anxiety shown by member touring LA ALARM
Article on the subject of American region AREA
Atmosphere created by girl heading off AURA
Awfully rude urge I suppressed, as required by etiquette DERIGUEUR
Character from Côte-d'Or? APOSTROPHE
Character, fashion legend, principally, is a person to emulate ROLEMODEL
Climbing plant in variety of climates CLEMATIS
Clumsily, I step on it, a popular seasonal plant POINSETTIA
Deal with leader in Yemen, making pact TREATY
Fodder I left is stored by wise man SILAGE
Found up in Ullapool is a bitter herb BASIL
Inferior player in British pub knocked over Italian RABBIT
Jokes about youth leader in right clothes for a special occasion GLADRAGS
Clues Answers
Meddling type engaged by organised unit BUSYBODY
Name boy in 'Loot' in final performance SWANSONG
Raised voice in argument after short trip FALSETTO
Second attack involving head whipping boy SCAPEGOAT
Second tout in court RUNNERUP
Senior politician, Independent, entering cathedral MINISTER
Shed tears after public protest OUTCRY
Stall supporting group that might be on the prom? BANDSTAND
Tender saying heard SORE
That woman supporting American court official USHER
Thought of model endlessly IDEA
Two cardinals making a couple of punches together? ONETWO
Vegetables grow rapidly nursed by pantomime character BUTTONMUSHROOMS
Visual impairment causing fall? CATARACT