USA Today - Jul 7 2022

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Clues Answers
'. . . which ___ say . . .' ISTO
'Allow me?' MAYI
'Here's some advice . . .' PROTIP
'Spider-Man: No Way Home' actress MARISATOMEI
'Sure about that?' ISIT
'The ___: Resurrections' (2021 sci-fi sequel) MATRIX
'This is exhausting!' IMSOTIRED
'To ___ is human; to forgive, divine' ERR
'Ur the best!' THX
'___ Elementary' ABBOTT
'___ Piggle-Wiggle' MRS
Accessory worn by Scrooge McDuck TOPHAT
Added sprinkles or whipped cream to TOPPED
Arrive in time MAKEIT
ATM code PIN
Balloon contents AIR
Business school degree MBA
Buzzing creature BEE
Canvas bag TOTE
CeCe Winans genre GOSPEL
Charged particle ION
Commercials ADS
Countries in an international alliance founded in 1949 NATOMEMBERS
Customize TAILOR
Cut covering SCAB
Dashboard Confessional genre EMO
Director Lee ANG
Eagles' homes AERIES
Electronics to recycle EWASTE
Exams for H.S. students SATS
Excessively OVERLY
Facility that may include a sauna SPA
Gets close NEARS
Home of the National Library of Medicine NIH
Hummus scoopers PITACHIPS
Icy weather SLEET
Ingredients in marinara sauce ROMATOMATOES
Instructions part STEP
Clues Answers
Kitchen tool used to make shepherd's pie POTATOMASHER
Leaf-gathering tool RAKE
Leave out OMIT
Like pink hair DYED
Magician's word PRESTO
Narrow cut SLIT
Next to BESIDE
Opera highlight ARIA
Part of a bed frame SLAT
Pluckable part of a flower PETAL
PPG Paints ___ (Penguins' home) ARENA
Pull along TOW
Restaurant patrons EATERS
Rhyming alternative to subs DUBS
Rounded shapes OVALS
Saleswoman for the Michael Scott Paper Company PAM
School in the City of Angels UCLA
Scoop hummus twice with the same scooper DOUBLEDIP
Scrabble piece TILE
Seasonal employees TEMPS
Semester, for example TERM
Shade of gray ASH
Smash success HIT
Smooching on the bus, e.g PDA
Spellbound RAPT
Spellcaster MAGE
Stage after zygote EMBRYO
Swear CUSS
Talk . . . like this . . . while breathing . . . very fast PANT
Teenage ___ Ninja Turtles MUTANT
They're all over the place HOTMESSES
Tree with a slippery species ELM
Tuna ___ (cheesy sandwich) MELT
Weight MASS
Yank TUG
___ chaat SAMOSA
___ projection (out-of-body experience) ASTRAL