USA Today - Jul 4 2022

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Clues Answers
'Eternals' star Gemma CHAN
'King Richard' star Smith WILL
'There's ___ on my mind' ALOT
16:9, for example RATIO
Action after cut or copy PASTE
Albuquerque time zone, for short MST
Animal such as Remy in 'Ratatouille' RAT
Animal such as the abstract painter Congo APE
Arrange in order SORT
As far as the eye can ___ SEE
Athletic activity inspired by exotic dancers POLESPORTS
Attorneys' org ABA
Blue sections of maps SEAS
Broad streets AVENUES
Center of an olive PIT
Coral habitat REEF
Core muscles ABS
Curry powder amt TSP
Divides into parts SPLITS
Drawing medium OILPASTEL
Ensnare TRAP
Forms for Vishnu AVATARS
Gold chain fastener CLASP
Guitar player's device AMP
Has grits, for example EATS
Hindi for 'father' PITA
Improved moodwise FELTBETTER
Jumped LEAPT
Knitters count them ROWS
Leontyne Price solo ARIA
Letters on a videotape VHS
Letters that begin a URL HTTP
Like October and the letter J TENTH
Like see-through fabric SHEER
Low-quality TRASHY
Mama chicken HEN
Many promgoers (Abbr.) SRS
Mascara mishap SMEAR
Clues Answers
MLK's title (Abbr.) REV
Name spelled the same way forward and backward AVA
NBA legend Greer HAL
NBA official REF
Places AREAS
Playground items also called teeter-totters SEESAWS
Pocketbook fastener SNAP
Poet Shockley EVIE
Pointy part of a shiba inu EAR
Pong company ATARI
Post-brush headcover WAVECAP
Puts frosting on ICES
Real ___ agents ESTATE
Red panda's foot PAW
Retail event SALE
Revenue sources for streaming services ADS
Sacred objects TOTEMS
Seedy place to get drinks DIVEBAR
Sibling nickname SIS
Ska artist who wrote the autobiography 'Original Rude Boy' NEVILLESTAPLE
Slips up ERRS
Some breast tissue FAT
Spanish translation of 44-Across MUCHO
Spoken aloud ORAL
Startup big shots CEOS
They can make mountains when they collide TECTONICPLATES
Time period ERA
Towering TALL
Uncooked RAW
Undercover agent SPY
Used a bench SAT
Vegan creamer type OAT
Want intensely CRAVE
Wooden strips SLATS
___ and circumstance POMP
___ and outs INS
___ for the course PAR
___ seed pudding CHIA