- Oct 17 2010

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Clues Answers
''Shoot!'' ASKME
''War of the Worlds'' invader MARTIAN
''We __ amused'' ARENOT
1938 Literature Nobelist PEARLSBUCK
A lot MUCH
A question of procedure HOW
Actress Hatcher TERI
Actress Ryder WINONA
Adverse ILL
Alabama city SELMA
An American in Paris, perhaps EXPAT
Andean pack animal LLAMA
Anglican bishop's topper MITRE
Anticipate AWAIT
Arrival-board phrase ONTIME
Artist's plaster of Paris GESSO
Aside from that ELSE
At all EVER
Attending dateless GOINGSTAG
Avoid something STEERCLEAR
Balloonist of fiction FOGG
Bamboo stem CANE
Board member EXEC
Boathouse gear OARS
Bunch of buffaloes HERD
Caterpillar rival DEERE
Certain ice-cream additives OREOS
Charitable campaigns DRIVES
City on the Loire NANTES
Composer Porter COLE
Conversation breaks SILENCES
Cotton quantity BALE
Counterspy MOLE
Curved and hollow CONCAVE
Darts players' drinks ALES
Designer Coco CHANEL
Despicable VILE
Developer's offerings HOMES
Donald Duck nephew HUEY
Draw on TAP
Dress rehearsal DRYRUN
Dugout equipment BATS
Erstwhile anesthetic ETHER
Fall bloom ASTER
Fashion magazine ELLE
Feathery scarf BOA
Film composer Bernstein ELMER
Fiscal VIP CFO
Floral necklaces LEIS
Flower holder STEM
Gateway competitor DELL
Get a look at VIEW
Giggling sound HEE
Gin cocktail TOMCOLLINS
Glowing coals EMBERS
Go-between AGENT
Heidi's home ALPS
Human genus HOMO
Imposed limits on CAPPED
Incidentally BYTHEBY
Informal claim DIBS
Is candid LEVELS
Italian serenader's subject AMORE
June gift recipients DADS
Key next to '' ENTER
Kiddie ammo PEA
Kind of camera, for short SLR
Knighted explorer SIRFRANCISDRAKE
Lebanon neighbor SYRIA
Like untended gardens WEEDY
Long-armed entity LAW
Madame Curie MARIE
Clues Answers
Make butter CHURN
Make fun of RIB
Make happy DELIGHT
Make tea BREW
Makes a connection TIES
Makes sense ADDSUP
Manners of speaking IDIOMS
Many millennia EON
Messy place STY
Minuscule TEENY
Needle point SOUTH
New York city UTICA
No longer wild TAMED
No-frills SPARTAN
Northwest capital BOISE
Parcel (out) DOLE
Pass without due deliberation RAMTHROUGH
Pitcher part EAR
Place for pigeons COOP
Places for pigeons COTES
Poisonous snake ASP
Port of Pennsylvania ERIE
Portfolio holding ASSET
Potatoes, in Panama PAPAS
Pulled tight TAUT
PX patrons GIS
Quitter's comment ICANT
Radar of ''M*A*S*H'' OREILLY
Reached across SPANNED
Real-estate document LEASE
Remnant SCRAP
Revue host EMCEE
Right-angle shapes ELLS
River Jordan's destination DEADSEA
Sat in the sun BASKED
Searched for HUNTED
See 56 Across YOU
Send the check REMIT
Sicilian spewer ETNA
Signs of the future OMENS
Small town BURG
Soar FLY
Spike Lee alma mater NYU
Sponsored messages ADS
Stale, as a joke HOARY
Stared at EYED
Stave off AVERT
Stockings HOSE
Strong rebuke SLAP
Structure on a $1 bill PYRAMID
Synthetic fabric ARNEL
Tallow source SUET
Tender touch CARESS
That yacht SHE
The closer one THIS
Theater scenery SETS
Things gathered in lodes ORES
Toon Chihuahua REN
Transmission setting LOW
Unbending RIGID
Upgrade electrical systems REWIRE
USN rank: Abbr. CPO
Vatican proclamation PAPALBULL
Vet patient HORSE
Wakes up COMESTO
Was in the club BELONGED
Wasn't straight LIED
Went back on a deal RENEGED
Went wrong ERRED
Wild equine ASS
With 78 Across, brusque greeting HEY
__ Jima IWO