Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jun 4 2022

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Clues Answers
Abbess is almost discovered making 16 down with it SISAL
About a hundred in this area ACRE
Acquired water occupant needed, for starters WON
Admits weather has changed OWNS
Agreeable crew for Blackbeard - afraid to be anything else! YESMEN
Are they on board for stuffing the ballot box? ROPES
Artist is back there in colourful garment SARI
Bluish-white flashes from last two paparazzi in North Carolina ZINC
Boy in advertisement manipulating ingenious lamp, perhaps? ALADDIN
Called chip off the old block to get up in the morning SUNRISE
Constant, with many followers at sea POLARIS
Cuban and Nicaraguan leaders drunk in Haiti on this CHIANTI
Devious Ruth secretes a store of valuables TREASURECHEST
Does this before making a splash beneath 8 down WALKSTHEPLANK
Firstly, John puts sheep on back of trailer in Laois and leaves them with 6 down JEWELS
Guilt regarding dubious social conventions REMORSE
Half-pick way around ice sheet in fog to get old coins PIECESOFEIGHT
Held in awe by users worldwide WEB
How long one has to hold it, reportedly depends on 33 down's width BREADTH
Clues Answers
How one might start to be hauled up for punishment by 14 down KEEL
I like the cut of what's found in Fiji bars JIB
If conditions are tedious or humid at sea, take one strange drink HUMDRUM
Juliet will annoy the listeners JERK
Manus got back at last and was let do this on 28 February UNMASK
Marauders on all sides, including me? PIRATES
Partly agreed to excise half - it will still surpass expectation EXCEED
Position 21 across in Belgium, announcing a sale BESET
Raising standard inspires deep misgivings in those not on board THEJOLLYROGER
Secret WASP enclave in Colorado ASPEN
Smile about a strange, piercing 28 down EARRING
Ted left tragedians to concoction of wine and juices SANGRIA
There might be wheat left, oddly, to serve another's interest BEHALF
This will show that it is theirs HEIR
Told to relax on water with this and keep head down LIELOW
What I don't initially get about little contraption is this WIDGET
With one eye on top of watchtower, Kate heads in, tentatively WINK
Would you be able to redesign trinket? BAUBLE
Youngster not telling the truth KID