Irish Times (Simplex) - Jun 1 2022

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Clues Answers
A feeling of lack of interest or energy LANGUOR
A partner in marriage WIFE
Act in a certain way BEHAVE
Beam of light on a fish? RAY
Bright blue pigment COBALT
Brought out a statement or publication ISSUED
Concludes from the facts INFERS
Constructs BUILDS
Curry cooked in and eaten out of the same pot BALTI
Defrauded, diddled CONNED
Expel from the practice of law DISBAR
Fluid from a squid INK
Free from extraneous elements of any kind PURE
Heated to a moderate degree WARMED
It's measured in therms HEAT
It's said to be only skin-deep BEAUTY
Jacket to wrap around a boiler to prevent heat-loss LAGGING
Knock out temporarily STUN
Large shaggy-haired brown beast BUFFALO
Make lacework by knotting or looping TAT
Of less than normal height LOW
Clues Answers
Opposed to AGAINST
Purposes, functions USES
Put out shoots SPROUT
Removable covers LIDS
Risky commercial undertaking VENTURE
Rushed headlong DASHED
S/he is cruel to a weaker person BULLY
Serving no purpose or function USELESS
Set down, came to rest LANDED
Showed a response REACTED
Skewers of marinated meat KEBABS
Slight, slim SLENDER
Someone lacking courage COWARD
Spoken or written communication MESSAGE
Surfaces for skiing SLOPES
The right to formally reject a proposal VETO
The statistical norm AVERAGE
Those not already mentioned OTHERS
Unit of weight for precious stones CARAT
Utilised USED
Wrath, ire ANGER