Irish Times (Simplex) - May 28 2022

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Clues Answers
Absolutely necessary ESSENTIAL
Aim, objective GOAL
Based on reason or logic RATIONAL
Be courageous enough to try DARE
Brief written records NOTES
Brutish characters that looked like humans in Swift's Gulliver's Travels YAHOOS
Canadian national tree MAPLE
Celestial body PLANET
Consequence, effect OUTCOME
Converting goods or property into cash REALISING
Did Poe rue being over on the continent? EUROPE
Dramas set to music OPERAS
Express regret APOLOGISE
Fixed so as not to give way SECURE
Foreshadow PORTEND
Gets rid of by passing it on to someone else OFFLOADS
Gold and silver, say METALS
Hand warmers GLOVES
Clues Answers
Handy, practical USEFUL
It's not a whole number FRACTION
Mark under the letter C in French CEDILLA
Most up-to-the-minute LATEST
Non-speaking actor EXTRA
Occident WEST
Of the sea MARINE
Of the whole country NATIONAL
Remember RECALL
Responsive to physical stimuli SENSITIVE
Rotating spindle AXLE
Scorched on the surface SEARED
Sets of musical notes to practise SCALES
Sour liquid used as condiment VINEGAR
Take a drink to slake it THIRST
The practice of lending money at an unfairly high rate of interest USURY
Tissue connecting muscle with bone TENDON
We send out to Scandinavia SWEDEN