- Jun 9 2022

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Clues Answers
''Look Back in Anger'' playwright OSBORNE
A/C capacity measures BTUS
Actress Teri GARR
Aerobatic maneuver BARRELROLL
Airborne anomalies UFOS
Bake-sale sponsor PTA
Band work GIGS
Bloke CHAP
Bryce Canyon's state UTAH
Call to a queue NEXT
Carders' concerns AGES
Chasm GULF
Considerable commotion FUROR
Crumb catchers, at times LAPS
Dame Dench JUDI
Dams and does SHES
Disney mermaid ARIEL
Disorganized places ZOOS
Dolphin with a unique beak BOTTLENOSE
Dominates, in sports jargon OWNS
Double agent MOLE
Eel, at sushi bars UNAGI
Enumerate LIST
Exclamation of elation WHOO
Exclamation of exasperation SHEESH
Explorer of kids' TV DORA
Finnish coin EURO
Fitness-motto starter USEIT
Former fast flier SST
Fortune 500 company XEROX
Getz of jazz STAN
Groups of seas and sins SEPTETS
High-end audio brand BOSE
Kansas' state reptiles BOXTURTLES
Lacquer ingredient RESIN
Langston Hughes poem ITOO
Leaves rudely JILTS
Clues Answers
Look too long STARE
Memo directive ASAP
Mr. or Mrs ABBR
Narrative TALE
Non __ (unwelcome) GRATA
Operates a refinery SMELTS
Oprah's production company HARPO
Pale yellow FLAXEN
Pale yellows AMBERS
Pantry invader ANT
Passed-down knowledge LORE
Photog's choice SLR
Picnic beverage COLA
Piece of potpourri PETAL
Popeye's nemesis BLUTO
Powerful person TITAN
Prenatal FETAL
Pro Bowl org NFL
Ranger's venue FOREST
Reagan attorney general MEESE
Reason for some raises MERIT
Recluse LONER
Remarkable thing, quaintly CATSMEOW
Sacco's codefendant VANZETTI
Shell-game accessory PEA
Short on pizazz FLAT
Showtime crime series DEXTER
Sports reporter Andrews ERIN
Strengthen, with ''up'' TONE
Sweater fabric ORLON
Theater intermission ENTRACTE
Theater offerings DRAMAS
Theme of the puzzle WINE
Thor's father ODIN
Type of aircraft engine RAMJET
Type of road turnoffs JUGHANDLES
US ally since '48 ISR
What a sheepdog shakes with FOREFOOT