- May 30 2022

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Clues Answers
''If all __ fails . . .'' ELSE
''You __ win 'em all!'' CANT
A second time TWICE
Actress Mirren or Hunt HELEN
Amounts to be repaid DEBTS
Bounce back, as a sound ECHO
Burglar THIEF
Calligraphy tools PENS
Change the decor of REDO
Chops into cubes DICES
Coin in Italy EURO
Conclude END
Container with red sauce for fries KETCHUPBOTTLE
Current events NEWS
Days gone by PAST
Do some tailoring SEW
Drain, as strength SAP
Drizzle or shower RAIN
Dust or grime DIRT
Electrical adapter letters ACDC
Engrave deeply ETCH
Fancy necktie fabric SILK
Far from speedy SLOW
Fishing pole ROD
Freight weight TON
Frothy lather FOAM
Garden figurine GNOME
Golf ball holder TEE
Great __ (big dog) DANE
Happen next ENSUE
Hasn't yet repaid OWES
Himalayan nation NEPAL
Holder of paper products NAPKINDISPENSER
In an angry mood SORE
In the center of AMID
Just adequate SOSO
Just lying around IDLE
Letters on our stamps USA
Light brown TAN
Clues Answers
Lion's bellow ROAR
Lose traction on a road SKID
Made a sketch of DREW
Mobile phone CELL
Natural bandages SCABS
Neighbor of Ecuador PERU
No rhyme or __ REASON
Norway's capital OSLO
Not as much LESS
Observe SEE
Ocean's rises and falls TIDES
On the summit of ATOP
Pair of condiments SALTANDPEPPER
Peas' natural containers PODS
Phone listings: Abbr NOS
Previously owned USED
Prophetic sign OMEN
Revered celebrity IDOL
Roof overhangs EAVES
Shortest-named Great Lake ERIE
Spiteful, as a remark SNIDE
Stretches across SPANS
Suspect's proof of innocence ALIBI
Thorny flower ROSE
Tonsils' location THROAT
Tool with sharp teeth SAW
Vehicle on a runway PLANE
Very strict STERN
Was a father to SIRED
Weight-reducing plan DIET
Well-informed AWARE
Wicked EVIL
Without a warranty ASIS
Without any skill INEPT
Wood strip SLAT
Wooden pin for a tent PEG
__ of the time (occasionally) SOME
__ statesman (retired politician) ELDER