The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 2155

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Clues Answers
Acted up, finally, with respect to what a barworker did? PRETENDED
Artist’s colour I left inside in a pot, possibly oil paint
Candid atmosphere displayed outside? open-air
Celebrity in the morning visiting Tyneside? NAME
Come down to earth after a match ALIGHT
Cross, somewhat tetchy bridegroom HYBRID
Everything considered as part of final lesson in all
Football, perhaps gold and black ORB
French country house requiring gas and local water? CHATEAU
Had lunch in canteen, occasionally ATE
I was the manager after days, and did very little! IDLED
It’s used by artists in moderate amounts, initially TEMPERA
March right up in front of a politician TRAMP
Clues Answers
More evil packing material, unopened ILLER
New competition providing a home for extremely unfamiliar film motion picture
Pathogen changing shape HEPTAGON
Piece of software put up for review APPRAISE
Plant’s account supported by a covert US group ACACIA
Polish front of sideboard with rag? SANDPAPER
Rescue fierce creature, grabbing end of tail SALVAGE
Shout about everything CALL
Small metropolitan area accepting vehicle shortage SCARCITY
Spring meadow with the first sign of poppies LEAP
Stockpiles containing fifty empty cartridges BLANKS
Time to request some work TASK
Toy soldier cannot aim when broken action man