The Washington Post - Jun 9 2022

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Clues Answers
'Becoming Madame __': Anchee Min novel set in China MAO
'Copy that' NOTED
'I wouldn't do that' BADIDEA
'New Rules' singer __ Lipa DUA
'So?' AND
'Well, well, well!' OHO
'__ is the coward's revenge for being intimidated': Shaw HATRED
Ad __ HOC
Audible precursor BOOKSONCD
Big name in the cosmetics aisle ESTEE
Briefs brand BVD
Capital of Thailand? TEE
Conspiring circle CABAL
Data visualization discovery, perhaps TREND
Decent, so to speak DRESSED
Easy-to-store bed COT
First name in couture YVES
First sign of spring? ARIES
Goof ERR
Great Lake near the Pro Football Hall of Fame ERIE
Haberdashery clips TIEBARS
Hawkeye State college town AMES
Homer's well-meaning neighbor NED
Hyperformal 'Blame me' ITWASI
Iberian cheer OLE
Inner circle CADRE
Island that hosts the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing OAHU
Java JOE
Kerfuffle RUCKUS
Key above ~ ESC
Kitchen magnet? AROMA
Leader of a slapstick trio MOEHOWARD
Like the winner in a number-guessing contest CLOSEST
Male swan COB
Clues Answers
Massive lexicon: Abbr OED
Mel who hit 511 career home runs OTT
NYC division BORO
Ore. neighbor IDA
Osso __ BUCO
Party of the first part in the Bible? MOSES
Pot-building poker wager VALUEBET
Product used on four of this puzzle's clues SPOTREMOVER
Reznor of Nine Inch Nails TRENT
Saying little TACITURN
Screen __ SAVER
Second printing REISSUE
Sigma follower TAU
Simple semiconductor DIODE
Singer/actress Thorne BELLA
Snacker's stack OREOS
Space heater? STAR
Street sign abbr AVE
Stretch often named for a music genre ERA
Sweets BAE
Swimmer that hunts using electrolocation EEL
Take on ASSUME
Three-time World Series of Poker champion Ungar STU
Tolkien trilogy, briefly LOTR
Tone down LESSEN
Tool that only works in water OAR
Unblinking sci-fi villain HAL
Vitamin intake std USRDA
Withstood hardship BOREUP
Wreath of plumeria blossoms LEI
__ acid BORIC
__ facto IPSO
__ top TUBE