The Washington Post - Jun 5 2022

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Clues Answers
'Are you serious?' WHAT
'bye 4 now' TTYL
'Easy there!' WHOA
'Fame' star Cara IRENE
'Here's a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)' singer Travis TRITT
'Pride and Prejudice' novelist AUSTEN
'Sad to say ... ' ALAS
'Shea Butter Baby' R&B singer Lennox ARI
'Starsky & Hutch' Ford model TORINO
'The Great British Bake Off' co-presenter Fielding NOEL
'__ more bright ideas?' ANY
Actress Hannah DARYL
Admission of defeat ILOSE
Ancient Peruvian INCA
Arctic jacket ANORAK
Back of the neck NAPE
Basmati __ RICE
Bouquet NOSE
Box set elements DVDS
Bygone anesthetic ETHER
Caffeine-rich seed KOLANUT
Calyx part SEPAL
Carne __: burrito filling ASADA
Carried on RAVED
Check out quickly PEEKAT
Chip to dip NACHO
Concentrates (on) ZEROESIN
Confident gesture after a performance MICDROP
Connect with the space station, e.g DOCK
Contented sigh AAH
Coop layers HENS
Dawdle TARRY
Decimal base TEN
Decisive point CLIMAX
Dependable STEADY
Dull sounds THUDS
Duplicitous SNEAKY
Energy bar brand with a rock climber in its logo CLIF
Exchange words? EDIT
Express a view OPINE
Extinct flightless bird DODO
Financial planning result, hopefully NESTEGG
Fling HURL
Freelance detail, briefly SPEC
Fundraising org PTA
Good-sized plot ACRE
Gossip blogger Hilton PEREZ
Gyro bread PITA
Head for the terminal TAXI
Heaps ALOT
Home of Disney's World Showcase EPCOT
Hot and muggy SULTRY
Ice cream measure SCOOP
In-flight figs ETAS
Informal pricing words APOP
James of 'Elf' CAAN
Lacking energy ANEMIC
Lenovo products PCS
Letters on some pumps EEE
Like items at a garage sale USED
Linked (up) PAIRED
Longtime Disney CEO Bob IGER
Longtime label for Elton John MCA
Marry, as metals WELD
Mental flash IDEA
Microsoft console XBOX
Miffed SORE
Clues Answers
Missouri or Ohio RIVER
Modest acknowledgment ITRY
More, in adspeak XTRA
NASA go-aheads AOKS
Never again ONCE
New Zealand native MAORI
No. twos VPS
Northernmost South American capital CARACAS
Not post- PRE
Novelist Dorothy who created Lord Peter Wimsey SAYERS
Nudnik PEST
Org. with Red Wings and Blue Jackets NHL
Oscar winner Brody ADRIEN
Parodies SPOOFS
Pattern in a marble rye SWIRLS
Pelican, for one SEABIRD
Persona __ grata NON
Pic that's costly to remove TAT
Poker prize POT
Polite refusal NOSIR
Pop diva who recorded the ABBA cover album 'Dancing Queen' CHER
Priced to sell in a store ATRETAIL
Prompt giver CUER
Pt. of ERA AVG
Pulls behind TOWS
QB stat ATT
Quaint 'before' ERE
Really digging INTO
Respiratory cavity AIRSAC
RNC group GOP
Roe source SHAD
Rush into a relationship? ELOPE
Secret meetings TRYSTS
Shade provider PARASOL
Shade provider CANOPY
Shoe retailer owned by Amazon ZAPPOS
Shrill shriek EEK
Sign of hearth burn ASHES
Sinusitis-treating MDs ENTS
Small landmass ISLE
Small songbirds WRENS
Social sci. major ECON
Some shirts POLOS
Specialized jargon ARGOT
Squid kin OCTOPI
Started to nag persistently GOTAFTER
Stick in a nest TWIG
Storybook bear PAPA
Submit, as a tax return FILE
Supporting role in construction? IRONWORKER
Surgery ctrs ORS
Tool in the Portland Timbers logo AXE
Trial run TEST
Ultra-low-carb diet, for short KETO
Up to, casually TIL
Venerable British school ETON
Very, very OHSO
Winter resort course SKIRUN
Word on Irish stamps EIRE
Writing to EMAILING
Yemeni port ADEN
Zen garden carp KOI
Zilch NIL
Zilch ZIP
__ Geo Wild NAT
__ y plata: Montana motto ORO