The Washington Post - Jun 3 2022

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Clues Answers
'Ciao' TATA
'Go on, git!' SHOO
'Middlemarch' novelist ELIOT
'Science of Logic' philosopher Georg HEGEL
'The Gleaners' painter Jean-François MILLET
'Wide Sargasso __': Jean Rhys novel SEA
'__ Comes to Pemberley': P.D. James novel DEATH
Action STEPS
African country in the Maloti Mountains LESOTHO
Bend at a barre PLIE
Blood bank fluids SERA
Brand of packaged bagels LENDERS
Captain Hook's incredulous assessment of his nemesis? WHATACROC
Cards WITS
Channel marker BUOY
Cut short CROP
Desktop with an AppleCare option IMAC
Director Jean-__ Godard LUC
Drains SAPS
Drama honor OBIE
Element in an algebraic equation VARIABLE
Expert PRO
Extremely chill SERENE
Extremely cold GELID
Friendly honk TOOT
Fuzzy states HAZES
Hung around STAYED
Is extremely frugal SCRIMPS
Key that exits full-screen mode ESC
Lab work TESTS
Ladybug prey APHIDS
LAX postings ETAS
Leaders inclined to work as a group? BLOCHEADS
Literary award with a spaceship logo HUGO
Clues Answers
Medic with an office at Fisherman's Wharf? THEDOCOFTHEBAY
Melber of MSNBC ARI
Meteorological effect caused by refraction HALO
Motto for the ruthless NOMERCY
Move to a warmer state? MELT
Nigerian seaport LAGOS
Obama daughter SASHA
Percussion set HIHAT
Picked up the tab TREATED
Place to hibernate LAIR
Play down POOHPOOH
Play-__ DOH
Pulitzer-winning journalist Wilkerson ISABEL
Puts comfy shoes through rigorous testing? HOLDSAMOCTRIAL
Rats, gnats, and brats PESTS
Retired boomers SSTS
River that rises in the Bernese Alps AAR
Safari equine ZEBRA
Sarah Spain's network ESPN
Small ammo BBS
Some game DEER
Starting on ASOF
Statue base PLINTH
Strive (for) VIE
Subj. for those wishing to be bilingual ESL
Summits ACMES
Sun screen PARASOL
Superhero once played by Stephen Amell on The CW ARROW
Textile machine LOOM
Thinned (down) WATERED
Tickle AMUSE
Tropical spot ISLE
Utterly beyond repair SHOT
Wall St. event IPO
__ were ASIT