The Washington Post - Jun 10 2022

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Clues Answers
'Geaux Tigers!' sch LSU
'Tell me if this is too personal, but ... ' IHAVETOASK
'Yeah, that's old news' IHEARD
'You betcha' NATCH
'You can guess the rest' ETCETERA
*Catchy part of a virtuous song? UPRIGHTHOOK
*Evening spent downloading the latest OS? UPDATENIGHT
*Occasion to pin back one's coif? UPDOTIME
*People born during the Era of Good Feelings? UPBEATGENERATION
Appease fully SATE
Arboreal marsupial KOALA
Aware of HIPTO
Battery measures VOLTS
Bernie in his mittens, Keanu playing with puppies, etc MEMES
Biblical mount SINAI
Biting SNIDE
Brings in GROSSES
Capital in the Levant BEIRUT
Cell service letters LTE
Citigroup's Jane Fraser, e.g CEO
Clear dishes from BUS
Compares LIKENS
Currency of Serbia and Jordan DINAR
Digs in the mud STY
Direct STEER
Draw TIE
Facial cavity SINUS
Garage door opener brand GENIE
Girl of the fam SIS
Hana Airport greeting ALOHA
High point of a trip to Europe? ALP
Hosp. figures DRS
Internet stranger RANDO
Jammies PJS
Keystone bumbler KOP
Kilauea flow LAVA
Large volume TOME
LAX setting PST
Clues Answers
Letters in ancient history BCE
Light rail stop DEPOT
Like many Berbers SAHARAN
Like village roads TWOLANE
Limited autonomy, so to speak SHORTLEASH
Linguistic practices USAGE
Locks HAIR
Longest, as odds SLIMMEST
Manhattan option RYE
Many an election night graphic, for short USMAP
Mauna __ LOA
Mediterranean country ISRAEL
Mine, in Montréal AMOI
Mississippi source ITASCA
Mixed martial artist Rousey RONDA
Monumental EPIC
Org. that includes the TSA DHS
Pipe cleaner DRANO
Put away EAT
Qualifying events TRIALS
Quarterback maneuver SNEAK
Set component REP
Shortly INABIT
Singer Campbell GLEN
Social climbers, and what the answers to the starred clues literally have UPSTARTS
Super vision? ESP
Tetra- minus one TRI
The Colorado fourteeners, e.g.: Abbr MTS
Two socks, hopefully MATES
Understands GETSIT
Unsuitable INAPT
Violinist/singer Haden PETRA
Watched from the sidelines SATBY
White with frost HOARY
YouTube clip, for short VID
__ bunt SAC