The Washington Post - May 29 2022

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Clues Answers
'Good News' rapper Megan __ Stallion THEE
'Gracias' response DENADA
'Here!' TAKEIT
'Hmm ... I doubt that' UHNO
'How to Get Away With Murder' actor Alfred __ ENOCH
'Pieces of Her' novelist Slaughter KARIN
'The Martian' actor Sean BEAN
'There's no one else' IMIT
'Time is money' or 'money is power' MAXIM
2019 film starring Charlize Theron as Megyn Kelly BOMBSHELL
Academic VIP DEAN
Actress Elisabeth SHUE
All hands on deck CREW
Amusingly capricious WHIMSICAL
Appreciative sound from the alumni luxury box? FUNDERCLAP
Backpack holder STRAP
Be sly SNEAK
Be there for ATTEND
Beach toy for a windy day KITE
Beaver creation DAM
Brewpub pour BEER
British co LTD
Bungalow owner's challenge to a roofer? THATCHTHIS
Came off as SEEMED
Cathedral alcove APSE
Cheers RAHS
Chocolate source CACAO
Chopper blade ROTOR
Command to an attack dog SICEM
Cookbook offering RECIPE
Cowardly Lion portrayer LAHR
CrossFit sets REPS
Cure-all mixture ELIXIR
Determination GRIT
Did laps SWAM
Diggs of 'Empire' TAYE
Dim __ SUM
DNA lab items SWABS
Do the impossible with cats, proverbially HERD
Drum kit cymbals HIHAT
Ear-related OTIC
Embassy employee ATTACHE
European mountain ALP
Experiment with TRYOUT
Fair shelters BOOTHS
Felt hats FEDORAS
Fillable flatbreads PITAS
Fine print, e.g ART
First the chardonnay, then the merlot, then the cabernet? TASTERPLAN
Fleet parts SHIPS
Flo Milli's music genre RAP
Florida theme park with a geodesic dome EPCOT
Food critic Hines whose name is on cake mixes DUNCAN
Get around EVADE
Golden St. campus UCLA
Greek Cupid EROS
Green-skinned tropical fruit PAPAW
Haircuts DOS
Hands out cards DEALS
Has a good cry SOBS
Has for lunch EATS
Have followers LEAD
Imitate a horse NEIGH
Induce fear in SCARE
Inept caner's resource? WICKERTAPE
Intervene STEPIN
Invisible walls? MIMELIMITS
Labor Day mo SEPT
Land parcel ACRE
Lasagna staple PASTA
Clues Answers
Laugh-a-minute sort RIOT
Liabilities DEBTS
Like farmers' market veggies LOCAL
Makes doubly sure everyone's in on the joke? WINKSTWICE
Makes less harsh EASES
Mark for good ETCH
Metalworkers SMITHS
Meteorology lectures? TALKSONAIR
Midrange voice ALTO
More than half MOST
Mountain goat IBEX
Mystical gathering SEANCE
Not out of contention yet ALIVE
Office surface DESK
Official mandate EDICT
One in a cast ACTOR
Org. followed by 'puckheads' NHL
Outkast hit single HEYYA
Part of a protected URL HTTPS
Person who makes beds? GARDENER
Pharmaceutical giant __ Lilly ELI
Pills for pets, often CHEWABLES
Pitches to customers SPIELS
Place for a deep-tissue massage SPA
Polynesian dance HULA
Poorly ventilated theatre phenomenon ODOUR
Prepare for parking or driving PAVE
Provide privacy protection, in a way ENCODE
Puts into words SAYS
Quick post office run, say ERRAND
Ran across MET
Region AREA
Remove wrinkles from IRON
Revived villain in Domino's ads, with 'the' NOID
Rice dish PILAF
River through Reno TRUCKEE
Roman goddess of the hearth VESTA
Sandler of 'Uncut Gems' ADAM
Sashimi choice AHI
Sch. group PTA
Scoundrels SOANDSOS
Single-malt pour SCOTCH
Slip some skin MOLT
Snap, crackle, and pop NOISES
Spanish boy NINO
Stared open-mouthed GAPED
Storied sailor SINBAD
Subj. for a non-native speaker ESL
Taj Mahal site AGRA
Taper off ABATE
Term with a check mark on an airport sign TSAPRE
Ticket remnant STUB
Touch-screen gestures SWIPES
Unsuccessful Ford model EDSEL
Unwrapped with enthusiasm TOREAT
Upfront stake ANTE
Utter chaos HAVOC
Vocal quality TONE
Voting no ANTI
Wallops, quaintly SMITES
Watches on Hulu, say STREAMS
Water cooler? THIRSTBASE
Way off AFAR
Wide-awake ALERT
Wine grape PINOT
Word for a lei-person? ALOHA
World Baseball Classic team CUBA
WSJ headline topic IPO
__ and vigor VIM