The Washington Post Sunday - Jun 5 2022

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Clues Answers
'Agrarian Justice' author, 1797 PAINE
'Always Be My Maybe' actress Wong ALI
'Better Call Saul' hit man Ehrmantraut MIKE
'I'm ___ good' (punny caption for a cat photo) FELINE
'Let 'er ___!' RIP
'Middle-earth: Shadow of War' creature ORC
'My thoughts exactly!' YES
'Once more ___ the breach ...' UNTO
'Pressure' singer Lennox ARI
'Proud' parent PAPA
'Searching' actor John CHO
'Space Jam' canary TWEETY
'Stuck' singer Jones NORAH
'That's enough for me' IMSET
'The ___ Diaries' (series of compilation albums that includes 'Sad Songs Remind Me') EMO
'Yang Yang' singer ONO
1979 Top 40 hit sung by Kermit the Frog ... and what you'll need to join both halves of this puzzle RAINBOWCONNECTION
1990s fad disk POG
7/15 or 10/15, e.g IDES
NaCl-H2O mixture SALINE
Aquatic behemoth ORCA
Arthur who won the inaugural ATP Player of the Year award in 1975 ASHE
Auto loan initials APR
Barrel-monitoring grp OPEC
Bassett who once portrayed Rosa Parks ANGELA
Be the 500th person replying to a bad Twitter take, say PILEON
Bentley in movies WES
Boarding house? DEPOT
Botanical deterrents THORNS
Bottom part of an entrance DOORSILL
Brazil's 'Marvelous City' RIO
Brewery stock ALES
By means of VIA
Carbonic ___ (compound formed in soda) ACID
Cardinal's headgear HELMET
Caterers' supply PLATES
Cause a break in, e.g MAR
Comstock Lode excavation SIL
Contest judge, at times PANELIST
Cry to ye landlubbers AVAST
Dearth LACK
Demonstrate penitence ATONE
Doc with solutions for a labyrinth? ENT
Dug in ATE
Earlier than today AGO
Early 20th-century painter such as Matisse FAUVE
Earned the top medal at an Olympic event WON
Elem. support grp PTA
Enthusiastic parent's response to 'I got an A,' perhaps YOUDID
Epic RAD
Être, when translated TOBE
Fatuous INANE
Fella who's a bestie MAINMAN
First-class ___ MAIL
Form of shaving cream GEL
Genre depicting images from mass advertising and comic books POPART
Go all out to win an election RUNHARD
Grayscale alternative, in vintage photos SEP
Greyhounds' goodies TREATS
Hate, hate, hate DETEST
Heads up? FLIES
Helical ristorante dish ROTINI
Horatian homage ODE
Immerses in a sink, say SOAKS
Inspiration for the card game Dos UNO
King depicted in a famous mask TUT
Like a break dancer AGILE
Like a legendary piper PIED
Like an unlit cave PITCH
Like bialys POLISH
Like bialys ONIONY
Like fresh chocolate cake MOIST
Clues Answers
Lowest position NADIR
Mackerel ___ (fish also called a speedo) SCAD
Mathematician who received a Nobel Prize in economics for his contributions to game theory NASH
May as well as others MONTHS
Maya's acting mother UMA
Memorable period of time ERA
Mesmerized condition TRANCE
Metered attribute that measures your grip on reality, in the video game 'Eternal Darkness' SANITY
Mr. C among crooners COMO
Murmur in a cat cafe PURR
N.C. capital RAL
Navy or guard preceder OLD
Neighbor of Ghana IVOR
New York Knicks legend Frazier WALT
Non-minor league? ADULTS
NYC gala venue MET
Obtain employment HIREON
One napping in a fable HARE
Outperforms ONEUPS
Per a quotation ASSTATED
Periods spent in office TENURES
Pertaining to some passages NASAL
Pick-up game? JACKS
Power to draw interest APPEAL
Powerful bunch ELITE
Prepares, as oolong STEEPS
Proceed without much effort COAST
Product lines? SPIELS
Prune, with 'off' LOP
Put into practice USE
Queen Atossa's empire PERSIA
Rear areas? CHAIRS
Reduced to bits, as potatoes RICED
Reef organism that doesn't have a hard skeleton SOFTC
Refrain at many a sports event USAUSA
Roadside assistance org AAA
Rural structure STY
Rural structure PEN
Schönbrunn Palace nation AUSTRIA
Secret path, perhaps SHORTCUT
See 10 Across HASIT
Sets off alarm bells SCARES
Six-time 'Dancing With the Stars' champ Hough DEREK
Smartphone array APPS
Some lab receptacles JARS
Some rechargeable batteries AAS
Somewhat ALITTLE
Sonnet preposition ERE
Sound not often made with one's eyes open ACHOO
Source of some rags PIANO
Spacious, garage-wise TWOCAR
Spanning an entire range ... and a hint to this puzzle's seven hidden letters ACROSSTHESPECTRUM
Spoken and not written ORAL
Sustain CARRY
Syringes' deliveries DOSES
Taqueria glassful AGUA
They're captured in photographs MOMENTS
Tiresome practice RUT
Transplant sites, briefly ORS
Twisted, as humor WRY
Unreturnable service ACE
Update, as a file label RENAME
VIP on a float, maybe MARSHAL
Warning from a Jaguar HONK
Washington state resort area with a colorful name POINTB
Weight room abbr LBS
Where to find the Magician and wands TAROT
White-furred creature held by Cecilia Gallerani in a Leonardo da Vinci painting ERMINE
With 85 Across, 'They say ...' RUMOR
Wooden shutter piece SLAT
Your in Proverbs THINE
___ Jeffery, editor in chief of Mother Jones CLARA