The Washington Post Sunday - Jun 12 2022

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Clues Answers
'Awkward Black Girl' creator Rae ISSA
'Blast!' DANG
'Bravo!' OLE
'Candyman' director DaCosta NIA
'How ___ it?' GOES
'I wouldn't know' NOIDEA
'I'm so happy for you!' HOORAY
'If you don't, somebody ___ will' ELSE
'Let me help you out' HERE
'Mad City' actor Alan ALDA
'Move!' in dated slang CHEESEIT
'Somewhere in Time' star Christopher REEVE
'Soon' singer Rimes LEANN
'That's strange' HUH
'Untitled ___ Game' (video game featuring a disruptive bird) GOOSE
2004 Tom Hanks film set at JFK airport THETERMINAL
22 Across payments DUES
23rd Greek letter PSI
A, B, C, etc., in D.C STREETNAMES
Actress Cicely who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016 TYSON
Alert on a golf course FORE
Alley-___ (NBA play) OOP
Alloy used for some wedding bands WHITEGOLD
Amount of work or laundry LOAD
Animation sheet CEL
Anxiety often addressed with the motto YOLO FOMO
Appointment space SLOT
Appreciative piece ODE
Attack, as metaphorical windmills TILTAT
Bank check, say? AUDIT
Bar that gets you clean SOAP
Bass booster AMP
Billions of years EONS
Bitter drink, perhaps ALE
Bogus Basin locale IDAHO
Bothered a bunch ATEAT
Brand of edible cups REESES
Break things off ENDIT
Bride or groom's vow IDO
British plumbers' work sites LOOS
Bruised parts of minds EGOS
Bullion depository block INGOT
Businessman Broad ELI
Challenging puzzle ENIGMA
Champion's jewelry RING
Chest unlocker KEY
Clog-removing brand DRANO
Comparable with AKINTO
Cry when you've gotten the meta, maybe AHA
Decompose ROT
Deer ___ (road sign) XING
Demonstrate discomfort CRINGE
Did cross-country, say RAN
Dug holes PITS
Encryption org NSA
Epson cartridge stuff PRINTINGINK
Exam where you speak ORAL
Eye-catching ARRESTING
Fancy event GALA
Fats Navarro genre BEBOP
Fire off, as a text SEND
Fix, as a loafer RESOLE
Football referee who stands behind the defensive secondary BACKJUDGE
Freed of suds RINSEDOUT
Furry high jumper CAT
Game show VIP HOST
Get used to a new situation ADAPT
Gordon ___ (Sting) SUMNER
Grace or Majesty preceder HER
Graceless fellow OAF
Groove made by a wheel RUT
Clues Answers
Group usually opposed to right-to-work laws UNION
Have a crush on ADORE
Hit home? RADIO
Hits with an ax CHOPS
Hurried escape LAM
Immense serpent BOA
Influence for Aristotle PLATO
Invites to a high-rise condo, say ASKSUP
It has a body and may be fleshed out ESSAY
Kayaking safety devices LIFEVESTS
Keystone ___ (lawmen of silent films) KOPS
Like rock that stores fluid POROUS
Like some NFL stars ALLPRO
Med. sites that fill in the blanks for 'G_ne_al Ho_pital' ERS
Medicinal or culinary plant HERB
Microbrewery products BEERS
Mil. alliance that uses a phonetic alphabet NATO
Model built by General Motors until 2004 ALERO
Mollusks with iridescent shells ABALONES
More bothersome PESKIER
Mountain West Conference athletes LOBOS
Mouthing off SASSING
N for Spanish navigators NORTE
NBA team that Charles Barkley and Steve Nash played for when they won MVP awards PHOENIXSUNS
NBC show with Aristotle Athari SNL
Nikola Tesla and others SERBS
One-bedroom unit, perhaps: Abbr APT
Pant leg measurement INSEAM
Parents of ligers LIONS
Parisian pool contents EAU
Parlor designs, briefly TATS
Penn's group IVIES
Performance with mixed results? DJSET
Personal opponent FOE
Phone number trios AREACODES
Pitcher Fernando Valenzuela's nickname, Spanish for 'the bull' ELTORO
Platform for App Store apps IOS
Playground seats SWINGS
Public drinking site WATERFOUNTAIN
Pullovers, e.g TOPS
Regatta blade OAR
Sandwich ordered in many a New Orleans restaurant POBOY
Seemingly magical ability MOJO
She may be in the PTA MOM
Sleigh ride figure SANTA
Stats that figure into slugging percentage ATBATS
Statue at a shrine IDOL
Subway entrance STILE
Teeny-tiny WEE
Those affected by the 1980s policies glasnost and perestroika SOVIETS
Time machine inventor on 'Family Guy' STEWIE
TV show that featured fights between remote-controlled machines ROBOTWARS
Use flattery CAJOLE
Vacation destination HOTEL
Violet vessel VASE
Walden who wrote the graphic novel 'Spinning' TILLIE
We don't know the answers to them yet OPENQUESTIONS
Weapons in a quiver ARROWS
Western lily SEGO
What those with longevity reach OLDAGE
Where some people conduct their affairs? LOVENESTS
Winter driveway-clearing product similar to rock salt ICEMELT
Wrestling star Flair RIC
___ admin SYS
___ government STATE
___ Jones industrial average DOW
___ Rico PUERTO
___ Silvia (unseen 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' character whose existence fuels a conspiracy theory) PEPE
___-motion animation STOP