The Washington Post Sunday - May 29 2022

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Clues Answers
'... ish' ORSO
'And there it is!' PRESTO
'Assassin' comedian Margaret CHO
'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' director Lee ANG
'Degrassi: The Next Generation' actress McDonald MIRIAM
'I'm onto your tricks!' OHO
'Me time' retreat SPA
'No ifs, ___ or buts' ANDS
'Now, doc!' STAT
'Puh-leeze!' OHSTOPIT
'Purebred clown' dog, per Garfield ODIE
'Seriously!' IKNOW
'Sultans of Swing' band ___ Straits DIRE
'That looks cool!' OOH
'That's mine!' DIBS
'The Dukes of Hazzard' deputy ENOS
'The Empire Strikes Back' actor Billy ___ Williams DEE
'The Happiest Days of ___ Lives' (Pink Floyd song) OUR
'Ugh, sorry I asked!' YEESH
'What ___ Can I Do?' (song from 'Encanto') ELSE
Administered through the mouth ORAL
Allows LETS
Animal depicted on top of the shield in Vermont's coat of arms DEER
Answer incorrectly ERR
As one large group ENMASSE
Blends MIXES
Bob Seger hit with the lyric 'I was strong as I could be' LIKEAROCK
Boring shop tool AUGER
Branford or Wynton of jazz music MARSALIS
Brings down, as a tree FELLS
Brownish-gray hue TAUPE
Business combination, and what's spelled out by the intersections of this puzzle's circled businesses MERGER
Choir range ALTO
Cleveland Cavaliers forward Mobley EVAN
Co. owner, e.g EXEC
Consciously self-referential META
Cooked using a clay oven, in Indian cuisine TANDOORI
Cool, back in the 1940s HEP
Created concertos, say COMPOSED
Critically injure MAIM
Deliver off the cuff ADLIB
Direct LEAD
Discharges volcanically SPEWS
Dishes such as pad kra pao, khao soi, yum nua, etc THAIFOOD
Downloadable program since 2010 IPADAPP
Ear canal, e.g ORIFICE
Ecclesiastical districts PARISHES
Edible paste ingredient TOMATO
Exchanged, as at a dealership TRADEDIN
Exclamation that Robin theoretically could have used instead of phrases such as 'Holy oleo!' or 'Holy bargain basements, Batman!' (he actually said those) EGAD
Feel the effects of yoga, maybe ACHE
Fictional assassin Jason BOURNE
Files that may have digital signatures PDFS
First positive integer ONE
Fixes up, as a house REMODELS
Focus of gerontology OLDAGE
Give up DROP
Guest book locale INN
Happening in late December YEAREND
Hardly plentiful MEAGER
His ___ (noble title) LORDSHIP
Hooked temptation BAIT
Hoop, ring or stud site LOBE
Humble reply to praise ITRY
Icebox fruit in a William Carlos Williams poem PLUM
Interpreter of visions SEER
Is quite snoopy PRIES
It's not well-done RAREMEAT
Keep busy TIEUP
Clues Answers
Learned folks SAGES
Leave for a moment STEPOUT
Leaves astonished STUNS
Light fight? LASERTAG
Lollapalooza equipment AMPS
Man seen in zeppelins? ELI
May day events, often PROMNIGHTS
Microbes named after Theodor Escherich ECOLI
Nail-biters CLOSEGAMES
Narc's employer DEA
Network that may be airing in an English pub BBC
Not agitated CALM
Not as fatty, as beef LEANER
Not busy right now IDLE
Official colour of a British university OXFORDBLUE
One making sure that Bears and Lions don't play too rough REFEREE
Palindromic holiday TET
Palindromic plea SOS
Parlor creation, briefly TAT
Patient care grps HMOS
Patron of sailors, also named Erasmus of Formia SAINTELMO
Pear also called a Kaiser BOSC
People from Paisley SCOTS
Picks up GAINS
Play grounds? ARCADE
Pointer's foot PAW
Pop up, as an issue ARISE
Prophet of ancient Judah ISAIAH
Quarterback Jackson who won a Heisman Trophy and an NFL MVP award LAMAR
Ran a fever, say AILED
Red carpet figure IDOL
Reward from a trainer TREAT
River through 58 Across URAL
Sea captain of a 1954 Disney film, or a sea creature of a 2003 Disney film NEMO
Selected from the deck DREW
Shiny metal plating CHROME
Sing the praises of EXTOL
Skiing items POLES
Skin-care products designer Arpel ADRIEN
Sneaky quality SLYNESS
Some ballpark drinks BEERS
Some radical solutions? CUBEROOTS
Son of Bestla in Norse mythology ODIN
Sporting vehicle in the 'Star Wars' universe PODRACER
Starting players' group ATEAM
Stuck around LINGERED
Subtracting LESS
Takes effect SETSIN
Talking past ___ other EACH
Tangible REAL
Tapped playfully on the nose BOOPED
Those who might paint the town red? ARTISTS
Tokyo-born Yoko ONO
Toledo's Great Lake ERIE
Transparent squares PANES
Traveler's rest area? SLEEPERCAR
Trench around a fortress MOAT
Trope used in many a hospital drama COMA
Upstate New York city that Superintendent Chalmers of 'The Simpsons' is from UTICA
Visited dreamland NAPPED
Was present CAME
Water ___ (Olympic sport) POLO
Wedding ceremony highlight KISS
What the view from a mountaintop may inspire AWE
Where Rachmaninoff was born RUSSIA
Wilma Flintstone, to Pebbles MOM
World capital that's home to the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain SEOUL
___ counter (device for measuring radiation) GEIGER
___ R. Schyster, 1990s wrestler whose initials hinted at his taxman gimmick IRWIN
___ sci POLI