The Washington Post Sunday - May 22 2022

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Clues Answers
'... and other authors' ETAL
'After Hours' actress Garr TERI
'Circle' singer Brickell EDIE
'Cobra Kai' character also known as Hawk ELI
'Deal ___ it!' WITH
'Easy peasy ___ squeezy' LEMON
'Edward the ___' (Sheena Knowles book about a large bird) EMU
'I'll ___ my chances' TAKE
'Imperfect Birds' author Lamott ANNE
'It's a shame, but ...' ALAS
'Laughter in the Rain' singer Neil SEDAKA
'No doubt about it' INDEED
'Nobody ___' CARES
'Steady as ___ goes' SHE
'The person who can holler the loudest without knowing what he is hollering about,' per Mark Twain PATRIOT
'The Ruling Class' actor Peter OTOOLE
'___ diem!' ('Seize the day!') CARPE
*1957 short story collection by Isak Dinesen LASTTALES
*Adopts a reasonable course of action SEESSENSE
*Airport employee who scans boarding passes GATEAGENT
*Ben and Jerry, e.g., usually MENSNAMES
*Motored past, as on a bridge DROVEOVER
*Person who might make accusations of cheating SORELOSER
*Phone conversation in your neighborhood LOCALCALL
*Power from renewable sources GREENENERGY
*Type of IT account that has complete access to a network of computers DOMAINADMIN
*Under no circumstances NEVEREVER
Academic assessment TEST
Action and others GENRES
Appends ADDSON
Auto shop orders PARTS
Bands for some brides GARTERS
Bargain bin stipulation ASIS
Beast that fought in the War of the Ring ORC
Berlin bills EUROS
Binoculars glass LENS
Blunder ERR
Bored worker's routine RUT
Boxer who was Arnold's hero on 'Diff'rent Strokes' ALI
Caribbean Sea isle ARUBA
Cat chasing Jerry TOM
Charitable donations ALMS
Charmingly polite SUAVE
Chloe and Halle of the R&B duo Chloe x Halle, e.g SISTERS
Close friend PAL
Club used as a figurative weapon CUDGEL
Container for 70 Down VASE
Cousins of cantaloupes CASABAS
Cuban Revolution leader Guevara CHE
Customer service representatives' devices HEADSETS
Dashed suddenly DARTED
Disney princess muted by Ursula ARIEL
Divulge REVEAL
Doja Cat or Megan Thee Stallion, e.g RAPSTAR
Donors' promises PLEDGES
Electronic report READOUT
Emulate a peacock PREEN
Exhaustively INDETAIL
Fall back RECEDE
Fare-minded people? CATERERS
Febreze target ODOR
Flavor enhancer monitored by the FDA MSG
Fliers' holders TACKS
Flowers featured at an annual festival in Portland, Ore ROSES
For whom a temple may have been built DEITY
Foreboding occurrences OMENS
Former senior citizen? ALUM
Home of the Skull Valley Band of Goshute UTAH
Hoop or stud site EAR
I might disappear when you use this ERASER
In ___ of (instead of) LIEU
Clues Answers
Introduced, as an issue RAISED
Irritate RILE
It contains an up quark and two down quarks NEUTRON
Karaj's country IRAN
Known before marriage as NEE
Laze, with 'out' VEG
Like many characters in the 1978 film 'Up in Smoke' STONED
Like rams, but not ewes MALE
Long out of practice RUSTY
Make amends (for) ATONE
Manager's deg., maybe MBA
Marsh plant REED
Maximum number of games in the NBA Finals SEVEN
Measurement that is not always constant, per Einstein's theory of relativity TIME
Memory lacking clarity BLUR
Military collection ARSENAL
Modifies ALTERS
Mountainside fortress AERIE
NFL coach Payton who won Super Bowl XLIV SEAN
No, in Novokuznetsk NYET
Northeast rail service ACELA
Not as important LESSER
Notched feature of a jacket, perhaps LAPEL
Oppositional preposition AGAINST
Origami creation CRANE
Pitch tracker RADARGUN
Pleading question CANI
Pollen holder SAC
Polymath Descartes RENE
Pop like a bubble BURST
Potential binary question response YES
Powerful deck quartet ACES
Prioritized medically TRIAGED
Prompting fascination ODD
Psychologically massaged thing EGO
Puzzle clue descriptor ACROSS
Quiet game no-no NOISE
Range brand MAYTAG
Relative of an otter MINK
Rested on a recliner SAT
Road trip lodging INN
Rotating barbecue rod SPIT
School that sponsors Holyport College ETON
See 39 Down TRAP
Seles who won the U.S. Open in 1991 and 1992 MONICA
Skeet shooting supply AMMO
Slightly ATAD
Snow day descent SLEDRIDE
Squares, with 'up' EVENS
Start of pi, in German DREI
Strong hold GRIP
Subtle hints NUDGES
Suit-able? DRESSY
Tablet brand ADVIL
Tabloid magazine figure IDOL
They'll get you out of the house MOVERS
Throat malady, briefly STREP
Ties the knot WEDS
Uncovered, as archival footage DUGUP
Underwater blasting substance TNT
Unleashed, with 'on' SICCED
Unlikely to react INERT
Use falsetto in the Alps, stereotypically YODEL
Weep convulsively SOB
Weight room figs LBS
When the fairy godmother's magic spell is broken, in 'Cinderella' MIDNIGHT
White or dark food MEAT
With 113 Down, course hazard SAND
Wrinkled fruit UGLI
___ Park, Calif BUENA
___ Prime (Toyota plug-in hybrid model) PRIUS
___ V. Debs, Socialist Party presidential candidate of the early 20th century EUGENE