USA Today - May 23 2022

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Clues Answers
'A Wrinkle in Time' protagonist MEG
'Abbott Elementary' principal AVA
'Can you expand on that?' SAYMORE
'Come again?' HUH
'Framing Agnes' actor Stephen IRA
'The pieces are falling ___ place' INTO
'Without further ___ . . .' ADO
'___ assured . . .' REST
A game of spades needs four PLAYERS
A pebble is a small one STONE
Ambulance personnel EMTS
Anagram of 14-Across CILANTRO
Anagram of 44-Across TARRAGON
Anagram of 5-Down PARSLEY
Anonymous UNNAMED
Backpack part STRAP
Bird enclosure CAGE
Brezhnev's country USSR
Broke out in a grin SMILED
Came and ___ WENT
Celeb with a large queer following GAYICON
Champion swimmer who said, 'I just want to show trans kids and younger trans athletes that they're not alone' LIATHOMAS
Church feature BELL
Church feature STEEPLE
Close-fitting hat CAP
Column's counterpart ROW
Comedian ___OnStage KEV
Course hidden in 'Wellesley' ESL
Dance related to candombe TANGO
Day, in Spanish DIA
Direction from Kenya to Uganda WEST
Dull impact sound THUD
Floor-swabbing tool MOP
Food with a Mississippi Delta variety TAMALES
Full of inner turmoil ANGSTY
Garland in Native Hawaiian culture LEI
Clues Answers
Get ___ of (discard) RID
Granter of wishes GENIE
Hi-___ images RES
Item in a recycling bin CAN
Large, flat sea creatures MANTAS
Like someone who thinks they're better than everyone else ARROGANT
Like Tabitha Brown's food VEGAN
Lines of bushes HEDGES
Loops in on an email CCS
Make different ALTER
Money, in Spanish DINERO
Neon is one GAS
Not as much LESS
Not silently ALOUD
Opposite of chaos ORDER
Part of a poem VERSE
Penultimate month (Abbr.) NOV
Photo PIC
Polite denial NOMAAM
Prayers performed facing the qibla SALAT
Prefix meaning 'new' NEO
Prowl and Sparky of the WNBA, for example MASCOTS
Rapper with a book club NONAME
Room to record in STUDIO
Seafarer SAILOR
Singer Kitt EARTHA
Skincare treatment MASK
Small amount in a bucket DROP
Small salamander NEWT
Streak in the sky CONTRAIL
Take turns ALTERNATE
Verb in a fufu recipe MASH
Weightlifter's seat BENCH
___ garlic wings SOY
___ jar MASON