- Oct 14 2010

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Clues Answers
''Beverly Hillbillies'' star EBSEN
''Leaving Las Vegas'' star ELISABETHSHUE
''Want to?'' SHALLWE
ATM input PIN
Auto-loan figs. APRS
Barbecue morsel RIB
Be in the hole OWE
Be nosy PRY
Big Apple tennis stadium ASHE
Boots out OUSTS
Bronze, in part TIN
Car-safety features ROLLBARS
Celebratory time EVE
Close-mouthed one CLAM
Competing side TEAM
Damascus' land SYRIA
Dessert made with molasses SHOOFLYPIE
Dunderhead BOZO
Ed Sullivan offering, as he put it REALLYBIGSHEW
Egotist's concern SELF
Exec's reminder MEMO
First first lady MARTHA
Follow closely SHADOW
Former governor Bush JEB
Fuss ADO
Go aimlessly ROAM
Hardness-scale inventor MOHS
Heroic tale SAGA
Hertz alternative AVIS
Home to most people ASIA
Image shapers, for short PRMEN
In force VALID
Infant's quarters CRIB
Invitation stipulation BYOB
Isn't straight with LIESTO
Just know SENSE
Less favorable WORSE
Loaf pair ENDS
Lose hope DESPAIR
Clues Answers
Lumberjack's tool AXE
Make beloved ENDEAR
Midmonth day IDES
Natural successors HEIRS
Navigator's references MAPS
Normandy port CAEN
Observed SEEN
Org. associated with 2 Down USTA
Ostrich relative EMU
Out of the way ASIDE
Part of HMS HER
Pastoral spot LEA
Pessimistic GLOOMY
Piano technician TUNER
Pin a medal on HONOR
Pitched perfectly ONKEY
Prefix meaning ''modern'' NEO
Presidential nickname IKE
Quad locale CAMPUS
Raggedy doll ANN
Sales disclaimer ASIS
Seemingly boundless VAST
Shade tree ELM
Shelley works ODES
Shine partner RISE
Spielberg's first blockbuster JAWS
Stereo part AMP
Throw out TOSS
Thumper's pal BAMBI
Tight budget, figuratively SHOESTRING
Took an oath SWORE
Trim to fit EDIT
Troop group ARMY
Turnpike toll unit AXLE
Virtuoso WIZ
Volcanic spew ASH
Zodiac beast LION
__ Alamos, NM LOS