New York Times - Apr 3 2022

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Clues Answers
'... and it flopped' PFFT
'A warehouse of facts, with poet and ___ in joint ownership' ('The Devil's Dictionary' definition for 'imagination') LIAR
'Come ___!' ONIN
'I can do this. Hit me' READY
'Swell!' NEATO
'The Crucible' setting SALEM
'Yankee Doodle' has 16 of them VERSES
1974 spoof with the tagline 'Would you buy a used secret from these men?' SPYS
1980s White House nickname RON
À la ___ (spit-roasted) BROCHE
A majority MOST
About 98% of the human genome JUNKDNA
Actress Amanda PEET
Animal life FAUNA
Apollo 11 landing spot SEAOFTRANQUILITY
Attack with snowballs, say PELT
Battery parts? TESTS
Beat poet Cassady NEAL
Big tear-jerker SOBFEST
Bit of 'kit chat' MEOW
Bits of machinery COGS
Black-___ albatross BROWED
Candy with two flavors in one box NERDS
Capote nickname TRU
Car part the Brits call a 'wing' FENDER
Carl XVI ___ (king of Sweden beginning in 1973) GUSTAF
Cattle ranch identifier EARTAG
Clearer in hindsight? REARWIPER
Cool shade ICEBLUE
Crossword header ACROSS
Curve BEND
Describing the 32-Down's image JESUSLIKE
Dilute something, in a way ADDWATER
Dish made from durum, say PASTA
Don't give up TRY
Dormer section PANE
Edgar Rice Burroughs novel, with 'The' SONOFTARZAN
Eligible receiver? HEIR
Enhanced tape format released in 1987 SUPERVHS
Entertainers with bright futures STARSOFTOMORROW
Enveloping atmospheres AURAE
Eve's third son SETH
Experience UNDERGO
Fixed look STARE
Flexible cutters WIRESAWS
Flying terrors of myth ROCS
Forgiving LENIENT
Graceful bird SWAN
Grads-to-be: Abbr SRS
Hands, in slang MITTS
Having legs LASTING
Heading for commonly sought info FAQS
Hearten LIFTUP
Helps AIDS
Impends NEARS
Inscribed with some ancient characters RUNED
Intellectual movement SCHOOLOFTHOUGHT
It's probably over your head ROOF
Items used by barkeepers, barbecuers and blacksmiths SETSOFTONGS
Its motto is 'Agriculture and Commerce' STATEOFTENNESSEE
Joy who wrote 'Born Free' ADAMSON
Juice regimen CLEANSE
Kid Cudi or Lil Baby, e.g RAPPER
Kids of boomers GENX
Knee-jerk response REFLEX
Latin phrase meaning 'based on forecasts' EXANTE
Clues Answers
Like épées vis-à-vis foils HEAVIER
Little bump NODULE
Maker of the Ring in 'The Lord of the Rings' SAURON
Many people find it intolerable LACTOSE
Metaphor from an hourglass SANDSOFTIME
Mic check noise TAPTAP
Milk source TEAT
Misfortunes ILLS
Music genre for Erykah Badu and D'Angelo NEOSOUL
Nonfiction films, informally DOCS
Not prescription, in brief OTC
Odor-fighting spray brand FEBREZE
Offensive football positions WIDEOUTS
One star, typically BADRATING
Opposite of exo- ENTO
Order, in a way HAVE
Partner of poivre SEL
Parts of some brackets SEEDS
Performing well on ACING
Persuade with patter FASTTALK
Pondered MUSED
Pope Pius XII called it 'a holy thing perhaps like nothing else' SHROUDOFTURIN
Prefix with futurism AFRO
Quickly maturing security, for short TBILL
Relentless go-getters TIGERS
Remove cargo from UNLADE
Reveals LETSON
Ruby of 'The Jackie Robinson Story' DEE
Sang hosannas to PRAISED
Scottish negative NAE
See 29-Across EDITING
Semicircular recess APSE
SFO setting: Abbr PST
Sheepish? OVINE
Sitcom planet of the '70s and '80s ORK
Sledge, wedge, etc TOOLS
Soccer chant OLEOLE
Some 10-pointers in Greek Scrabble ZETAS
Spewed forcefully GEYSERED
Sports org. with the Pittsburgh Maulers and Philadelphia Stars USFL
Spree TEAR
Stretches out EXTENDS
Surgical instrument with thumbholes FORCEPS
Sweeping works EPICS
Take off the board ERASE
Taking a bow at the symphony? ARCO
Talent for discernment KEENEYE
Talk Like a Pirate Day outbursts ARRS
This: Sp ESTO
Turn aside AVERT
Up in the air ALOFT
Wackadoodle NUT
Weakness FRAILTY
Went under FAILED
Whirling toon, familiarly TAZ
With 42-Down, Oscars category from 1963 to 2019 SOUND
Woe for a speeder RADARTRAP
Word meaning 'desire' in a classic Sanskrit text KAMA
Word with fine or signature TUNE
___ 3000, half of the hip-hop duo Outkast ANDRE
___ avis RARA
___ Blinken, Biden's secretary of state ANTONY
___ light PILOT
___ Winans, 12-time Grammy-winning gospel singer CECE