New York Times - Mar 30 2022

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Clues Answers
'American ___' IDOL
'Footloose' star cookin' a fresh batch of brownies? KEVINBAKIN
'I don't want to hear the gory details' SPAREME
'I need a hero!' SAVEME
'Moi? Never!' NOTI
'Need an ark? I Noah guy,' and others PUNS
'Ode to Joy,' for the European Union ANTHEM
'Over my dead body!' HELLNO
'Right on!' YEAH
Actress Dennings KAT
Amount to ARE
As an aside, in a text BTW
Beat it! EGG
Bee teem? SWARM
Bein' in debt to a 'Wedding Crashers' co-star? OWINWILSON
Blond at the bar, say ALE
Bunglers OAFS
Catch some Z's NAP
Chess rating system ELO
Chips brand DORITOS
Climb (up), as a pole SHINNY
Computer language that sounds like a literary intro PROLOG
Cover for illicit activity FRONT
Cradlin' a Salinger protagonist? HOLDINCAULFIELD
Crossword solver's cry AHA
Crow, but not magpie VERB
Cry of frustration GAH
Declares SAYS
Deity with 99 names ALLAH
Did so-so at school GOTAC
Four-time Grammy winner India.___ ARIE
Freshly ANEW
Get too old to qualify AGEOUT
Gotham City supervillain in a cryogenic suit MRFREEZE
Houseplant that some think brings luck and prosperity MONEYTREE
Hugo-winning 'Hothouse' author Brian ALDISS
Clues Answers
Info in an apt. listing RMS
Internet admin SYSOP
Intl. standard used by many astrologers GMT
Letters on a luxury handbag YSL
Massachusetts senator wagin' conflict? ELIZABETHWARRIN
Minute hands, essentially RADII
New Hampshire state flowers LILACS
Old French coin ECU
One in 1,000? COMMA
One-billionth: Prefix NANO
One-point Scrabble draw NTILE
Org. for Ducks and Penguins NHL
Our genus HOMO
Particularly particular NITPICKY
Pencil remnants NUBS
Philosopher Zeno's birthplace ELEA
Preserve, as ashes INURN
Raphael, Gabriel or Michael ARCHANGEL
Related to religious rites SACRAL
Roadside bombs, for short IEDS
Sedative in a blowgun dart, informally TRANK
Sentence ... or something found in a sentence TERM
Shorthand pro STENO
Solo in spaceflight? HAN
Some burrowing mouselike rodents VOLES
Strands in a cell DNA
Texter's 'I think' FWIW
Texter's 'I think' IMO
The 'E' of B.C.E ERA
The 'L' of Samuel L. Jackson LEROY
The Great Emancipator sharin' URLs on his blog? ABRAHAMLINKIN
They may be switched while cycling GEARS
Under the weather AILING
Vodka brand STOLI
Went on, as an errand RAN
___ fours ALL
___-C.I.O AFL