New York Times - Jun 12 2022

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Clues Answers
'Goodness me!' ILLBE
'It therefore follows that ...' ANDSO
'Never ___ Give You Up' (Rick Astley song) GONNA
'On the Basis of ___' (2018 legal drama) SEX
'That makes two of us' DITTO
'The Thin Man' dog ASTA
'There's no other option' IMUST
'Yep, you got me' GUILTY
'You can learn from anyone — even your ___': Ovid ENEMY
'___-Tripping' (Nikki Giovanni poem) EGO
18+, say ADULT
A pan might come with just one STAR
Algonquian people MIAMI
Ambulance pro EMT
Argument extender [ref. 18-Across] ANDANOTHERTHING
Barbecue order RIBS
Be an agent for REP
Be on the bottom? SIT
Becomes less taut SAGS
Beginning ONSET
Black Lives Matter co-founder AYOTOMETI
Body part that humans have that other primates don't CHIN
Broadway composer Jule STYNE
Called to mind EVOKED
Came next ENSUED
Canadian observance also called Fête du Travail LABOURDAY
Chemical ingredient in flubber BORAX
Cholesterol-lowering drug LIPITOR
Classic Yogi Berra quote [ref. 33-Across] ITSDEJAVUALLOVERAGAIN
Comment with a shiver BRR
Composer Bernstein who was unrelated to Leonard ELMER
Composer Luigi who pioneered noise music RUSSOLO
Consolidated for easier reading, as a Twitter thread UNROLLED
Contest with lots of 'tied' scores RODEO
Covering ATOP
Crenshaw or casaba MELON
Crib sheet user BABY
Crop that might be insect-resistant, in brief GMO
Currency of Qatar RIYAL
Danger PERIL
Danish city where Hans Christian Andersen was born ODENSE
Debut album by Britney Spears [ref. 82-Across] BABYONEMORETIME
Depress, with 'out' BUM
Deteriorate ROT
Did some secretarial work TYPED
Doc who performs Pap smears GYNO
Doohickey THING
Doughnut similar to an éclair LONGJOHN
Drive (around) TOOL
Durable leather OXHIDE
Eerily familiar feeling DEJAVU
Elusive giants YETIS
Far from friendly MEAN
Fennel-like flavoring ANISE
Fiber made from cellulose RAYON
Focused on the bull's-eye AIMED
Former name for the N.B.A.'s Thunder, informally SONICS
French pronoun ELLE
Fun functions SHINDIGS
Gave officially ISSUEDTO
Give a take OPINE
Goddaughter, often NIECE
Goldman who crusaded for birth control access EMMA
Guileful SLY
High-minded sort? STONER
Highly unconventional OUTRE
Home country of the poet Adonis SYRIA
Home to the Dole Plantation OAHU
In a fight ATIT
Industry show EXPO
Clues Answers
Instrument for Orpheus LYRE
It's illegal for employers to prohibit workers from discussing this PAY
Itches YENS
Land divided at the 38th parallel KOREA
Late singer Judd NAOMI
Lay it on thick COAT
Lazes around LOAFS
Like some arts MARTIAL
Marks down, maybe RELABELS
Material for some drums STEEL
Molecular messenger RNA
Monocle-dropping exclamation ISAY
Mouth-watering? SALIVA
Not worth arguing about MOOT
One whose work goes over your head AVIATOR
One with a nose for gnus? LION
Online forum V.I.P.s MODS
Package in Santa's sleigh TOY
Park way TRAIL
Persuaded SOLD
Pledge OATH
Political unit of ancient Hawaii CHIEFDOM
Poses ASKS
Prefix with medicine TELE
Relish SAVOR
Rest on one's ___ OARS
Rock's C.J. or Dee Dee RAMONE
Sam with 82 P.G.A. Tour wins SNEAD
Santa ___ winds ANA
Scottish refusal NAE
Sector for many start-ups TECH
See 48-Across FIRSTRODEO
Seemingly forever EONS
Share on Tumblr, say REBLOG
Showrunner Rhimes SHONDA
Sixth of five? ESP
Sleep inducer OPIATE
Slowly makes its way through OSMOSES
Sojourner Truth or Frances Harper ORATOR
Spice up ENLIVEN
Sport played on a fronton JAIALAI
Starting position, maybe INTERN
State fiction as fact LIE
Still having a shot at winning INIT
Story of one's life MEMOIR
Sun block VISOR
Supervise OVERSEE
Talk at length RUNON
Team building ARENA
Term to drop in a serious relationship, informally LBOMB
Terse denial IDIDNT
The last thing a Mississippi cheerleader wants? ANI
Tiny amounts IOTAS
Transport in a Billy Strayhorn standard ATRAIN
Tread + riser STAIR
Useless OTIOSE
Valuable to collectors, say RARE
Was given no other option HADTO
Web portal with a Bing search bar MSN
What seat selection on an airplane often comes with FEE
Whole bunch LOT
With 87-Across, 'I've been around the block a few times' [ref. 23-Across] THISISNTMY
Word implied in 'I haven't the foggiest' IDEA
Yoga pose ASANA
___ al Ghul (on-and-off lover of Batman) TALIA
___ and including UPTO
___ palm (tropical tree) COCO
___ particle TAU
___ pool KIDDIE