The Guardian - Speedy crossword No 1,392 - Jun 5 2022

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Clues Answers
Bear-like mammal from China PANDA
Collective noun for chimpanzees TROOP
Dandy FOP
Domesticate TAME
Excessive pride, arrogance HUBRIS
Fenland city and diocese ELY
Handle roughly MAUL
Major European river RHONE
Mentally picture IMAGINE
More than enough SUPERNUMERARY
Nightwear PYJAMAS
Non-hereditary lord LIFEPEER
Clues Answers
Postpone ADJOURN
Religious song HYMN
Revive, repeat RENEW
Rotten, putrid RANCID
Simulacrum REPLICA
Snuggle NESTLE
Sterilize an animal SPAY
Stretch out ELONGATE
Surroundings MILIEU
The day preceding Ash Wednesday MARDIGRAS
The Garden State in the US NEWJERSEY
Unrepeated brief success FLASHINTHEPAN