L.A. Times Daily - May 31 2022

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Clues Answers
"Auld __ Syne" LANG
"Bel-__": 2022 drama series based on a 1990s sitcom AIR
"Look, fireworks!" OOH
"Moby-Dick" captain AHAB
"Semper Fi" military org USMC
"Sommersby" actor Richard GERE
"That hurts!" OUCH
"This Is Us" role for Susan Kelechi Watson BETH
"__ Wolf and Cub": manga series LONE
*Hopelessly out of touch OLDSCHOOL
*Shabby and dated RETROCHIC
*Tunes for fogies CLASSICROCK
1950s actor Mineo or 1950s pitcher Maglie SAL
Actor Lowe ROB
Antlered deer STAG
Apple desktops IMACS
Border on ABUT
Bowl over AWE
Camera accessory LENSCAP
Clarinet kin OBOE
Classroom break RECESS
Concertgoer's "More!" ENCORE
Condo divisions UNITS
Cosmopolitan group? EDITORS
Cul-de-__ SAC
Drive-thru device ATM
Eyelash application MASCARA
French farewell ADIEU
Furtiveness STEALTH
Gael, for one CELT
Genesis garden EDEN
Govt. intel group NSA
Honest-to-goodness REAL
Hot, dust-laden Saharan wind SIROCCO
Island south of Sicily MALTA
Issa of "Insecure" RAE
Like many hand-colored T-shirts TIEDYED
Lock opener KEY
Clues Answers
Magazine story ARTICLE
Make sweeter, in the way the theme answers do to their starred clues? SUGARCOAT
Matching cups, saucers, etc TEASETS
Meted (out) DOLED
MLB team in the ESPN documentary "Once Upon a Time in Queens" METS
Museum collection ART
Note from one who's shy? IOU
Oft-pierced body part EARLOBE
Opposite of NNW SSE
Pampering, for short TLC
Play a proper noun in Scrabble, say ERR
Possesses HAS
POTUS, militarily speaking CIC
Present proudly TROTOUT
Rough-sounding RASPY
Run out of steam TIRE
Sailing ASEA
Second or third staging on Broadway, say REVIVAL
Short "Good grief!" OMG
Spanish Mrs SRA
Spiral COIL
Sturgeon product ROE
Take in the sights TOUR
Tennis great Federer ROGER
The Big Apple, for short NYC
Toothpaste option GEL
Transfer to a new city, informally RELO
Ultimate results UPSHOTS
Underhanded SLY
Want very much COVET
Whirlpool EDDY
Wi-Fi device MODEM
Winery process that takes years AGING
Word between surnames NEE
Wristwatch part STRAP