Wall Street Journal - May 31 2022 - Men of the Cloth

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Clues Answers
“Happy Motoring” brand ESSO
“No problem!” SURE
“Puttin’ on the ___” RITZ
“The Sound of Music” backdrop ALPS
“___ say!” ILL
“___ y Plata” (Montana motto) ORO
1973 #1 Rolling Stones hit ANGIE
Acknowledged in the footnotes CITED
Agenda PLAN
Anger IRE
Bailiwicks AREAS
Bank claim LIEN
Barbecue grill alternative FIREPIT
Baseball player Pee Wee’s favorite fabric? REESEFLEECE
Beast in a loch NESSIE
Bitter beer ALE
Broke off ENDED
Camera stands TRIPODS
Caribbean, e.g SEA
CDs’ predecessors LPS
Charlotte spins her web above Wilbur’s STY
Coat in the kitchen BREAD
Cold shower? SLEET
Composer Scott’s favorite fabric? JOPLINPOPLIN
Cut of salmon FILET
Delivery vehicle VAN
Departure EXIT
Diamond call FOUL
Exploits something excessively MILKSIT
Fill for a groovy lamp LAVA
Garden store buy SEEDS
General George’s favorite fabric? PATTONSATIN
Hoity-toity type SNOB
In the past AGO
Jerusalem artichoke or jicama, e.g TUBER
Just wrong NOTOK
Less common RARER
Letter-shaped fastener TNUT
Like Santa’s cheeks ROSY
Clues Answers
Lonely place, so they say THETOP
Made butter CHURNED
Make, as money EARN
March marchers IRISH
Monopoly token until 2013 IRON
More upscale NICER
Nation that was once a trading post of the East India Company SINGAPORE
Online revenue sources BANNERADS
Paris’s ___ de la Cité ILE
Pet protection org ASPCA
Petty picker’s target NIT
Photo paper option MATTE
Politically like-minded group BLOC
Pros with practices DOCS
Put on TV again REAIR
Readies for a selfie POSES
Removals from power OUSTERS
S&L offering IRA
Seized auto REPO
Showbiz award “grand slam” EGOT
Singer with the bestselling album of the 21st century ADELE
Some like it hot TEA
Spoken ORAL
Suffix for ethyl or acetyl ENE
Sundance flick, often INDIE
Teri of “Tootsie” GARR
Theater director Hal’s favorite fabric? PRINCECHINTZ
Turning point in history ONEBC
Uber alternative TAXI
Undefeated boxer Laila ALI
Understated earring style STUD
Uno doubled DOS
Uses the track JOGS
Warner Bros. creation TOON
Was at the front of the pack LED
Wherewithal MEANS
Winner’s boast IRULE
Wooden wardrobe ARMOIRE
___ favor (Spanish plea) POR