The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 1 - May 30 2022

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Clues Answers
A blemish except on a billiard ball SPOT
A distinguished order OM
A district in South London Penge
A fish SMELT
A German word not used on Armistice night HOCH
A king, both first and sixth JAMES
A measure ACRE
A people with unalterable laws MEDES
A seaside implement OAR
A seaside pleasure SWIM
A seat of learning is the key to this YALE
A skin affliction ACNE
A volcano ETNA
A word from the motto of the Garter SOIT
Adverb SO
Air (mus.) ARIA
An annual festival YULE
An explosive TNT
Applied to anything perfect GEM
Author of 'Childe Harold' BYRON
Author of tales of mystery POE
Bars and is often barred GATE
Bears the burden of youth PRAM
Before ERE
Beverage BEER
Can pick and strike MINER
Changed by motorists GEAR
Chinese coin or weight TAEL
Conjunction AS
Consider DEEM
Country of Europe SPAIN
Cromwell's 'Empty bauble' MACE
Depressions DENTS
Elizabethan sea-rover DRAKE
Exist BE
First name of famous American author BRET
First name of famous Highland outlaw ROB
Greek god of love EROS
Clues Answers
Guarded by eunuchs HAREM
Incursion RAID
Indian lemur LORIS
Island home of an ancient civilisation CRETE
King of the Amalekites who came 'delicately' AGAG
Military abbrevaition OC
Mythical founder of a great empire ROMULUS
Not so well WORSE
Note of octave SOL
Often 'snatched from the burning' BRAND
Part of a ship BILGE
Petition SUE
Poems ODES
Pronoun IT
Recess in a church APSE
River of France LOIRE
Selvage LIST
Shakespearian character ROMEO
Soothing: product of Gilead BALM
Succulent plant ALOE
Supplements EKES
Thank you TA
That is IE
The germ of a building PLAN
Transported RAPT
Traveller's haven INN
Tree OAK
Tumult RIOT
Unadulterated NEAT
Unit ONE
Useful in haymaking RAKER
Visionaries SEERS
Where cricketers are trained NETS
Where Sir John Moore died CORUNNA
Will reveal the hidden XRAYS
Would apply to the outer atmosphere RARE