L.A. Times Daily - May 30 2022

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Clues Answers
"A __ formality" MERE
"Cobra __": Netflix series based on "The Karate Kid" KAI
"Don't you __ stop!?" EVER
"Drive Happy" car rental company ALAMO
"Friendly" cartoon ghost CASPER
"My stars!" EGAD
"Passing" actress Thompson TESSA
"That's not true!" YOULIE
"You're so predictable" TYPICAL
"__ & Stitch" LILO
"__ Is a Woman": Ariana Grande song GOD
*Colorful top with a tropical design ALOHASHIRT
*Mahalia Jackson's genre GOSPELMUSIC
*Trial figure who can give a firsthand account EYEWITNESS
Abbr. between names AKA
Actor Guinness ALEC
Alleviate EASE
Aspiring atty.'s exam LSAT
Beret, e.g HAT
Biblical twin ESAU
Breastbone STERNUM
Cartoon frame CEL
Cathedral section NAVE
City between Phoenix and Mesa TEMPE
Contributor with deep pockets FATCAT
Current influence on the weather? ELNINO
Dark drink with fizz COLA
Dart around like a hummingbird FLIT
Easier to write neatly on, probably LINED
Entered a username, say SIGNEDIN
Esteem VALUE
Female deer DOES
Fork prong TINE
Front-runner LEADER
German steel city ESSEN
Greek storyteller who coined "sour grapes" AESOP
Hair gel alternative MOUSSE
Harvest REAP
Clues Answers
High shine SHEEN
In __ of LIEU
Joyous song PAEAN
Just like ewe OVINE
Las Vegas WNBA team ACES
Layers on tall wedding cakes TIERS
Like 9-Across that has lost its fizz FLAT
Like most proms FORMAL
Like tinned sardines OILY
Mark as important FLAG
Match, as subjects and verbs AGREE
Mouse mover USER
Mushroom top CAP
Nature lovers, and what the answers to the starred clues literally are TREEHUGGERS
Okra unit POD
One who feels another's pain EMPATH
One-named singer from County Donegal ENYA
Orchestra __ PIT
Oregon city on the Willamette EUGENE
Pass that leads to a successful basket ASSIST
Passion ARDOR
Pinkish ROSY
Poem of praise ODE
Rational believer DEIST
Rowing teams CREWS
School gps PTAS
Sea creatures with eight arms OCTOPI
Signing-ceremony memento PEN
Singer Yoko ONO
Spanish miss: Abbr SRTA
Stand up for (oneself) ASSERT
Stiletto, for one HEEL
To the rear, at sea AFT
Too worked up to relax INASTATE
Unlike most proms CASUAL
Word of sorrow ALAS
Wrinkly pup PUG