Wall Street Journal - May 28 2022 - Vegetable Patter

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Clues Answers
“A Day Without Rain” singer ENYA
“Go climb ___!” ATREE
“Inception” director Christopher NOLAN
“Oh ___ Can” (David Crosby album) YESI
“Uh, excuse me...” AHEM
“What ___ now?” ISIT
A few words in favor of corn? EARPLUG
Amsterdam of “The Dick Van Dyke Show” MOREY
Antelope with Arabian and scimitar varieties ORYX
At an end OVER
Attachés for your lettuce? HEADCASES
Attaches TIESON
Backside RUMP
Bank jobs HEISTS
Beautiful maiden of paradise HOURI
Between, in Bordeaux ENTRE
Blackthorn SLOE
Boringly conventional parsnips? SQUAREROOTS
Boxer Mayweather FLOYD
Capital near the Pacific coast LIMA
Coastal city of Jordan AQABA
Columbia team LIONS
Comics dog ODIE
Commotion STIR
Compliant DOCILE
Concoct HATCH
Country-pop singer Jackson ALAN
Cube creator RUBIK
Cyrus the Great’s empire PERSIA
Czar’s edict UKASE
Dance parties RAVES
Discus or javelin, e.g EVENT
Disorderly dos MOPS
Earth starter GEO
Egg-shaped OVATE
Exams for atty. wannabes LSATS
Expose yourself to garlic? FLASHBULBS
Facial targets PORES
Famed Milwaukee brewer PABST
Favre in the Pro Football Hall of Fame BRETT
First Nations tribe CREE
Goes for COSTS
GOP rivals DEMS
Grab ___ (eat hurriedly) ABITE
Gutter site EAVE
Hand and foot, e.g UNITS
Have a yearning PINE
Home of the NCAA’s Horned Frogs TCU
Home to Waikiki Beach OAHU
House coverer CSPAN
Icelandic literary classic EDDA
Implicate some asparagus? FINGERTIPS
Insurance giant bailed out in 2008 AIG
It might be a fluke FISH
It takes a cue POOL
It’s bound for school NOTEBOOK
Jah worshiper RASTA
Jennifer Hudson’s “Dreamgirls” role EFFIE
Kale with questionable morals? LOOSELEAF
Kin of Ltd INC
Knuckle-to-the-scalp act NOOGIE
Language expert of 1960s TV UHURA
Larson with an Oscar BRIE
Laughfest RIOT
Learning method ROTE
Like some battles UPHILL
Like the original Greek gymnasts NAKED
Lime-green moth LUNA
List-ending abbr ETAL
Clues Answers
Make verbal attacks SNIPE
Manipulates PLIES
Mariner’s worry STORM
Mars vehicle ROVER
Match divisions SETS
Member of the aristocracy BLUEBLOOD
Mess offering MEAL
Monarch butterfly, for example MIGRATOR
Monopoly collections RENTS
Muscat resident OMANI
Natural do AFRO
Numbered rds RTES
Old trading post wares FURS
One who appreciates the point of no return? TAXDODGER
Opening bit INTRO
Pâté de ___ gras FOIE
People part with them COMBS
Petty argument SPAT
Phone fun APP
Piazza dei Miracoli locale PISA
Place SPOT
Place to score some oolong TEASHOP
Point of view STAND
Pope when Taft was elected PIUSX
Praiseful works ODES
Pretty sure ODDSON
Quick summary RECAP
Reporter’s triumph SCOOP
Rhubarb piece offered as a gift for shock jock Howard? STEMTOSTERN
Rice who wrote ANNE
Rick Pitino’s team IONA
River into which the infant Achilles was dipped STYX
Rooks’ relatives CROWS
Santa’s reindeer, e.g OCTET
Savvy about ONTO
Search (through) RIFLE
Security Council focus CRISIS
Seven-territory section of a Risk board EUROPE
Sign in an empty apartment window TOLET
Simple fabric TOILE
Sites for laundering instructions TAGS
Slalom maneuver ESS
Smooth-talking GLIB
Socrates, for one ATHENIAN
Soup kitchen volunteers, at times LADLERS
Spread apart SPLAY
Starts liking WARMSTO
Subway map indications STOPS
Surrey spa town EPSOM
Teammate of Robinson and Snider REESE
Tests for purity ASSAYS
Thespian peas? PODCAST
Traffic report source RADIO
Transferred between operating systems PORTED
Trendy farmer’s bamboo delivery? SHOOTFROMTHEHIP
Tried to lose DIETED
Tries for a part READS
Triumphant exclamation TADA
Turn back to zero RESET
Undue urgency HASTE
Unwanted guest INTRUDER
View from Jackson Hole TETONS
Vladimir and Estragon wait for him GODOT
Wait at the drive-in? CARHOP
Went after CHASED
What forthright people make about an unpleasant situation NOBONES
What sleep may do to an insomniac ELUDE
Worrisome guitar part? FRET