L.A. Times Daily - Oct 9 2010

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Clues Answers
"A Room of One's Own" author WOOLF
"Bullitt" co-star BISSET
"Pencils down" TIMESUP
"Personal Witness: Israel Through My Eyes" author EBAN
1900 Puccini premiere TOSCA
1964 Record of the Year Grammy winner, with "The" GIRLFROMIPANEMA
1984 Swedish speed skating medalist Gustafson SVEN
Ad-committee link HOC
Antique oil holder AMPHORA
Arouse, as wrath INCUR
Avid ones keep Life Lists BIRDERS
Big name in alternative press UTNE
Circling INORBIT
Coin's "heads" OBVERSE
Collaborator with a Count and a Duke ELLA
Colonial mound ANTHILL
Comb breaker, perhaps MAT
Come to a head BOILUP
Court physician? DRJ
Dance genre TAP
Dr. Ray Langston's TV team CSI
Early Iranian MEDE
Easily attached STICKON
Formed before delivery, as concrete PRECAST
Frat letter RHO
French lover? AMATEUR
Golfer's 2-wood BRASSIE
Hammett's Spade SAM
Hammett's Spade, e.g. TEC
Island north of Trinidad GRENADA
It lost to "Moon River" for a Best Song Oscar TOWNWITHOUTPITY
Jai alai balls PELOTAS
Leadership position TOPSPOT
Library Card Sign-Up Mo. SEPT
Clues Answers
Like some painkillers, briefly OTC
Magazine whose debut issue featured a cover photo of Cindy Crawford dressed as Washington GEORGE
Makes up (for) ATONES
Mom and pop financing gp. SBA
Mongoose family member MEERKAT
Nevis neighbor STKITTS
Not told UNAWARE
Open without a corkscrew UNCAP
Peak in Thessaly OSSA
Pink Gin ingredient BITTERS
Pluralis majestatis ROYALWE
Potatoes alternative RICE
Puget Sound port TACOMA
Rink stats ASSISTS
River through Aragon EBRO
Roger who coached eight NHL teams NEILSON
Safe portfolio investments TNOTES
Sect linked to the Dead Sea Scrolls ESSENES
Shiraz spending money RIAL
Some Iberian inns POSADAS
Sources of ambiguous answers ORACLES
Sub. for omitted names ETAL
Suffix with oct- ANE
Sunroof and CD changer, e.g. OPTIONS
Take a plane? SKYJACK
Taste SIP
Therapy aid INKBLOT
USN rank CWO
View from Jackson Hole TETONS
Weapons restriction of a sort TESTBAN
Working capital? NETPAY
__ end ATAN
__-di-dah LAH